Zavala Plus LLC: Texas Bus Company Faces Multiple Lawsuits


The Recent Zacatecas Tragedy

On a fateful day, July 3, in the north-central state of Zacatecas, Mexico, a bus catastrophe unfolded, claiming the lives of eight individuals. Operated by Zavala Plus LLC, the bus transported 41 passengers, among them 19 individuals journeying from Fort Worth, Texas, and another 13 from Irving. Tragically, among the deceased were a child and four adults who embarked from Fort Worth. Understandably, such a significant tragedy prompts victims and their families to seek Fort Worth Texas Bus Accident Attorneys, particularly from attorneys experienced in transportation incidents.

A Series of Legal Battles

This isn’t the first time Zavala Plus LLC, based in Irving, has found itself embroiled in legal complications. In the past decade, the company has been the subject of at least 11 lawsuits in Texas. Significantly, six of these lawsuits are attributed to two distinct bus accidents. One accident in February shared the same route – Federal Highway 54 – as the July calamity, leading to three separate lawsuits. Additionally, another trio of lawsuits emerged from a bus crash back in 2018, which occurred on the very same highway. Legal challenges also arose from other tragic events, including the death of an employee during bus maintenance and an injury to a passenger who contends the bus was recklessly speeding. With such a string of incidents, it’s not surprising that victims are turning to Bus Accident Attorneys for support and guidance.

Why Texas Jurisdiction?

Interestingly, even though these accidents predominantly occurred in Mexico, the ensuing lawsuits are filed in Texas. This decision is influenced by the fact that the journeys commenced in Texas. Moreover, victims and their Texas Bus Accident Attorneys often opt to pursue legal action in Texas, given its legal framework’s advantageous stance. In particular, Texas law offers injured passengers a more favorable legal landscape compared to Mexican regulations, including the pivotal right to a jury trial.

Victims of such tragic events deserve proper Fort Worth Texas Bus Accident Attorneys and the chance to seek justice. It is through skilled attorneys that they find a voice and the opportunity to navigate the complex legal terrain these accidents invariably present.