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Were you injured in a bus accident in Wilmington, Delaware? Was your child or children hurt while traveling aboard a school bus? Did you lose a loved one in a city bus accident? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you may benefit from the expertise of a Wilmington bus accident attorney and we’re here to ensure you retain the best legal counsel possible. offers free and convenient links to some of the most experienced, successful, and highest-rated bus accident lawyers in Wilmington, Delaware. We make it easy to find and retain legal counsel you can trust by providing detailed facts on each the attorneys working in your area as well as their firms. Enjoy instant access to dozens of individual lawyer profiles so you’ll have all the information you need to choose your legal representation. And remember, no matter which attorney you decide to work with, rest easy knowing that all the lawyers featured on our site have decades of experience, knowledge, and make their clients their top priority.

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Why Hire a Bus Accident Law Firm?

There are several reasons as to why bus crashes occur. Yet, even when a bus accident is found to be the result of the driver, owner, or manufacturer’s safety negligence, it can still be extremely difficult for victims to recover compensation for their injuries, those of their loved ones, or for the death of a family member. Not only are intricate laws at play, but victims also have to deal with filing claims within a specific timeframe or risk losing what would have been their rightful money damages.

To ensure that nothing goes wrong and that the maximum amount of compensation is recovered, victims should speak with a bus accident law firm as quickly as possible. A firm that specializes in bus crashes, including school bus and city bus accident cases, will be familiar with the local laws, statute of limitations on filing a claim, and how best to proceed with a lawsuit. Whether the collision involved a private bus company or public transit service, it’s imperative that victims consult with an attorney to determine their rights and compensation eligibility.


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Bus drivers, operators, and manufacturers in Wilmington, Delaware have a responsibility to maintain safety on the road. Not only are they responsible for the safety of everyone who rides aboard their vehicles, but also for the safety of other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians sharing the roadways. When a crash occurs due to some form of safety negligence, victims may be entitled to a large sum of money. The best thing victims can do is contact a bus accident lawyer.

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