Why Should I Hire a Bus Accident Lawyer When Involved in a Crash with a MARTA Bus?

The MARTA bus has helped numerous people get around Metro Atlanta as it serves as an alternate form of transportation for those who prefer the bus or simply can’t afford a vehicle of their own. While the MARTA bus company has contributed to helping citizens of Atlanta, it has also complicated the lives of many. Braxton Davis is one GA resident who has been struggling with the company ever since one of its buses crashed into his BMW.

It was the month of May when Davis was driving through Atlanta’s Druid Hills community. He drives through the intersection where the crash occurred almost every day, but this day was different. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Davis was in the far-right lane and the MARTA bus was in the lane left of him. As he was approaching the intersection to make a left turn, the bus veered over into his lane hitting him and causing his car to drive up on the curb. He was forced to exit his vehicle on the right side as the driver’s door was “sandwiched up against the bus and the curb.”

After a police report indicated that the bus driver made an improper turn, the driver was cited and Davis’ vehicle was declared totaled. To him, “it was an open and shut case,” but to MARTA, the case was nowhere close to being closed. While the accident occurred on May 12th, it wasn’t until December 6th when Davis finally came forward with his story and shared it with the Fox 5 I-Team. During those months that Davis struggled to get MARTA to handle his claim, he didn’t see much progress. It took the company a month before they provided him with a rental vehicle, but then wanted it returned in October even though MARTA didn’t pay off his car loan so he could purchase a new vehicle.

Although MARTA said they would provide Davis with a check for $36,000, they gave him and his bus accident attorney the run around for months.

Davis also said he struggled to get hold of their claims representatives and was even forced to make a trip to their office because he had not gotten a response. Davis eventually hired an Atlanta bus accident lawyer and even he “was at his wit’s end” with MARTA. The two told the Fox 5 I-Team that MARTA informed them they would be receiving a check for $36,000 and that BMW was to blame for the delay. But it appeared MARTA continued to give Davis and his Atlanta bus crash attorney the run around which forced him to use some of his funds to fix up an older car and drive it until he received the payout that would allow him to purchase a new car.

Had Davis not hired a lawyer to represent him and dedicate his time to this case, he may have never received the check he was promised months ago. Davis even stated that he couldn’t imagine someone who wouldn’t have been able to navigate the legal system or have a lawyer to help with the process as it could “crush” them seeing that even he struggled with the help of a lawyer.


Here is why you will want a bus crash attorney assisting you with your case.


What this case tells us is that while some claims filed with MARTA may be resolved quickly, others could take months. And if you want to increase your chances of getting the settlement you deserve for the accident that was caused by a MARTA bus, you are definitely going to want to retain a bus accident lawyer in Atlanta. The key to hiring the right type of attorney is choosing someone who specializes in handling bus accident cases. And USAttorneys.com works closely with lawyers of all types and can place you in contact with an attorney that is qualified and reliable to help get your case resolved.

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