Who is Responsible for My Jefferson, Alabama Bus Crash?

Jefferson, AL- Bus accidents are not nearly as common as car accidents or large truck crashes. A 2011 National Transportation Safety Board survey found that there is an average of 1,003 bus crashes a year nationwide. Even though school bus, city transit bus, and tour bus crashes occur less frequently, the resulting injuries can severe and costly. Victims can recover the economic damages once they identify the party or parties responsible for their crash, so they need to turn to a bus accident lawyer in Alabama.

Typical Injuries in Bus Accidents

Not all bus accidents result in injuries, but when they do, they can be severe, requiring extensive medical treatment and an extended recovery period. Typical injuries for bus accident victims can include:

Broken bones

Back or spinal injuries

Full or partial paralysis

Neck injuries

Head trauma

Loss of a limb

Post-traumatic stress syndrome

Temporary or permanent disability

The injuries listed above can leave a bus crash victim drowning in medical bills. Your injuries can take a toll on you and your loved one. As a bus accident victim, you might be eligible for the following compensation:

Medical bills including emergency transport, hospitalization, and medication

Costs of rehabilitation

Lost wages if you cannot work

Damages for your pain and suffering

Wrongful death compensation if a loved one is killed

Who is Liable for My Alabama Bus Crash?

It is essential that victims of bus accidents determine the cause of their bus accident and identify the liable party or parties. Establishing liability is the critical first step in your personal injury claim or wrongful death case.

Common negligent factors in bus accidents include:

Distracted driving

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Drowsy or fatigued driving

Failure to properly train drivers

Failure to conduct necessary repairs in a timely fashion

Overloaded buses

Lack of vehicle maintenance

Ignoring traffic laws such as traffic lights

Once the cause your bus accident is established, you can identify the negligent party or parties which can include a bus driver, city transit authorities or a tour bus company. The claims process is different depending on who is liable for your crash, so you need to find out who was at fault for your accident as soon as possible.

Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer in Jefferson

USAttorneys.com is your resource for the best injury attorneys in Alabama. All you need to do to find a devoted and accomplished accident lawyer is click on your county, and you will be directed to a local bus accident attorney to take on your case and win. Our team of attorneys will:

Investigate your accident

Take photographs of the scene any involved vehicles

Speak to witnesses and gather contact information

Get advice from medical experts and accident reconstruction specialists

We can connect you with a bus accident crash lawyer in Alabama who will help you navigate the bus claims process. The means by which you recover injury or wrongful death compensation depends on who is liable for your accident. You must go through a different process if you are filing a civil suit against a government agency than if you have a claim against a private entity. The longer you wait to speak to an attorney, the longer it will take for you to recover the compensation you deserve.