Who Can Be Held Accountable for Bus Accidents in Texas?

Houston, TX – It doesn’t matter if bus accidents are far less common than auto accidents with passenger vehicles; they still happen, and the injuries they cause can be devastating to everyone involved.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a bus accident in Texas, then the logistics surrounding the crash determine who can be held accountable. The details of your case will dictate how bus accident lawyers in Houston help you pursue compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and any other damages you may have experienced.

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Working with an experienced Texas bus accident attorney makes a huge difference regarding the final outcome of your case. A knowledgable bus accident lawyer in Houston will be able to tell you the following:

What are some of the causes of bus accidents in Texas?

While there are a great many factors that can contribute to causing a bus accident, some common causes include:

Who can be held accountable for bus accidents in Texas?

The party whose negligent behavior caused injury to another party is the one who can be held accountable for damages sustained in bus accidents. This can include the following parties:

  • Commercial Buses: Commercial carriers have a legal obligation to protect the safety of its passengers and comply with safety regulations. If bus companies and drivers fail to uphold these standards, then victims are entitled to pursue legal action in order to hold them accountable for damages sustained. Because bus accidents often holds the bus company accountable, they must have insurance policies that meet federal minimal limits.
  • Negligent Drivers: This can include drivers who fail to obey traffic laws specifically pertaining to buses, or general traffic laws such as driving above the legal drinking limit, speeding, and failing to yield to stop signs. If another driver is at fault for causing your bus accident, then you will need a Houston bus accident lawyer to pursue compensation from their insurance company. Experienced bus accident attorneys in Texas will help you determine who contributed to causing your bus accident, and in turn help you recover the full amount of damages you are entitled to.
  • Government Owned Buses: Have you ever noticed just how many buses are operated and owned by government agencies? If you haven’t, then take our word for it: it’s a lot. Due to the sheer volume of government owned buses sharing the roadway, it’s inevitable they are the catalyst behind many bus accidents in Texas. However, holding government agencies accountable can prove to be very difficult, regardless if they are the ones responsible for causing the bus accident. A qualified bus accident lawyer in Houston will be familiar with the special procedures and laws in place for dealing with legal claims filed against the government, and will know how to properly proceed with pursuing financial compensation for damages sustained.

Why do I need a bus accident lawyer in Texas? 

If you have been involved in an accident with a bus in Houston, then you need bus accident attorneys who can help you determine who should be held accountable for your losses. USAttorneys.com will conduct a thorough investigation on your behalf in order to fight for the maximum compensation possible.

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