What should I know if I am involved in a bus accident in Houston Texas?

Bus accidents often occur because of driver error, but there are times when it is a mechanical problem, a dangerous roadway condition or the fault of another driver.  A personal injury lawyer specializing in bus accidents could help with that determination.

Bus accidents may be costly.

Accidents involving school buses, charter buses, public transit buses and tour buses make frequent headline news because of the degree of loss involved.  Bus size can change the ability to maneuver the vehicle in quick stops or swerving movements to get out of the way and could be a contributing factor to the amount of accidents on record.  A bus is a large and heavy motor vehicle that can carry more than 10 passengers including the driver, increasing the potential for larger monetary damages compared to that of a passenger vehicle accident. Personal injuries may occur and settlements for damages are often higher from legal actions for bus accidents because injuries are more severe and involve a larger number of people.

Reasons bus accidents occur.

  1. A lack of proper training for bus drivers;
  2. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  3. Talking on the phone or texting while driving;
  4. Limitations to bus driver visibility;
  5. Aggressive driving techniques, speeding or dangerous maneuvering of bus;
  6. Sudden acceleration or braking;
  7. Poor bus maintenance;
  8. Fault of another driver of vehicle.

Mandatory Insurance. Pursuant to Section 601.072 of the Texas Statutes, all motor vehicles must be covered by insurance including liability coverage for at least Thirty-Thousand Dollars per person, Sixty-Thousand for two or more people, and Twenty-Five Thousand for property damage for each accident.

Texas’s no-fault vehicle insurance. In Texas, drivers must establish financial responsibility for their vehicle, accomplished by purchasing car insurance to cover expenses related to injuries and damages from vehicle accidents.  Penalties for violating the financial responsibility laws include fines, license suspensions, car impoundments, and prison sentences.

What to do after a bus accident.

If you are involved in a bus accident in Houston TX, you should:

  1. Check on the condition of the people involved;
  2. Call the police;
  3. Get a written accident report;
  4. Remain at the accident scene;
  5. Exchange driver and insurance information;
  6. Gather witness contact information;
  7. Call your insurance company to set up a claim;
  8. Seek out medical treatment if necessary;
  9. Take pictures of the scene, and the vehicle damages;
  10. Call an accident attorney to determine “fault” and actions toward a proceeding to address damages and injuries sustained.

Texas law impacts compensation.

Damages sustained through any type of bus accident should be addressed in accordance with Texas State Law and the 51% comparative negligence rule, within the two-year statute of limitations. Bus accident injuries are generally a result of negligence by either the bus operator, the bus owner or another vehicle.  These include charter bus lines, school district buses, public transit buses, and tour buses.

Seek legal counsel.

If you are involved in a bus accident in Houston Texas, hire the legal team at Reich & Binstock to assist with legal questions and procedures related to insurance and court actions.  The compensation for the loss of a loved one due to negligence of a bus driver or public/private owner of buses in the Houston area can cover medical expenses, property damage, disability for permanent injury, funeral costs and wrongful death cost burdens on accident victims, and their families. Financial damages include compensation for property damage, medical bills, loss of income and wages, and pain and suffering due to injury and permanent disabilities resulting from an accident along including the loss of life.

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