What Requirements Must School Bus Drivers in CO Meet in Order to Transport Students?

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School bus drivers must meet certain requirements prior to transporting children to ensure they are qualified and capable of operating a vehicle of this size that is responsible for carrying passengers.

On each day school is open for operation, students arrive at their bus stops and wait patiently for their drivers to arrive. They then pile into large yellow school buses with these individuals who they don’t know much about but are being trusted to transport them to and from school. Although parents may not be too informed on who the school bus drivers are that consistently pick up and drop off their children, there are a few things we know about them that can help you understand what rules govern the allowance of an individual to operate a school bus.

In order for a person to operate a school bus in Denver, CO or any other city within the state to either transport students from home to school, from school to school, and/or from school to home, they must meet the following requirements stipulated in 4202-R-202.00 School Transportation Vehicle Operator Classifications found in the Rules for the Operation of School Transportation Vehicles:


  • Possess a valid operator’s license that is appropriate for the size and type of vehicle they are operating.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have had their annual motor vehicle record checked.
  • Completed pre-service training for the type of vehicle they are responsible for driving.
  • Completed six hours of annual in-service training. The Colorado Department of Education says that part of this requirement is given during the school year.
  • Pass the appropriate CDE annual written test.
  • Pass the driving performance test which is conducted every school year.
  • Hold a valid first aid certificate.
  • Has passed their U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) physical and has a valid certificate which must not be more than two years old.
  • Shall meet qualification standards and insurance coverage as adopted by the local board of education/service provider.
  • Documentation of the bus driver requirements shall be maintained by the district/service provider in a file for each operator.
  • Training topics, along with the date and duration of these trainings shall also be documented for each driver.


An individual who is responsible for transporting students on a bus for activities and/or events have their own set of requirements they must meet which include:

  • Possess a valid operator’s license.
  • They must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Have had their annual motor vehicle record checked.
  • Completed and passed pre-service operator training for the type of vehicle they are driving.
  • Passed the annual CDE small vehicle written test.
  • Meet qualification standards and insurance coverage as adopted by the local board of education/service provider.
  • Their medical history shall be provided annually on a CDE approved form. If certain conditions are present, a doctor’s note may be required to accompany their medical history form.
  • They must pass a driving performance test during the initial part of certification.
  • Documentation of activity trip operator qualifications must be maintained by the district and/or service provider.
  • Training topics, along with the date and duration of these trainings should also be documented for these types of drivers.


What should I do if a school bus driver caused an accident while my child was being transported on it?


Although school buses and those used to transport students for events and other activities are known to be some of the safer modes of transportation, accidents do occur, some of which are caused by negligent motorists and others by the bus operator themselves. Now, if your child is the victim of a bus accident that occurred in Denver, CO and they sustained minor or serious injuries, you are advised to consult with a Denver, CO bus accident lawyer. If the bus driver and/or the school district wasn’t in compliance with the state rules and regulations, they should be held accountable for their negligence.

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