What kinds of training do bus drivers receive in Austin?

Austin, TX – Operating a large bus with several people riding or any other commercial vehicle is a large responsibility. These kinds of jobs are considered some of the most dangerous in the United States due to the possibility of accidents. Because there risks are serious, bus drivers are required to have extensive training and maintain these requirements to operate their vehicles legally. However, despite these regulations and extensive training, bus drivers and their employers are regularly sued for causing accidents. There are lawyers who can help people who were injured by bus drivers in Texas

CDL requirements

All bus drivers in Texas are required to have a class B commercial driver’s license. This includes filing various kinds of documentation to prove residency and citizenship in Texas, a medical examination, as well as passing a written test and road test. School bus drivers will need to get additional endorsements on their CDL to be able to transport passengers and operate a school vehicle. A CDL can potentially be suspended like any other driver’s license for multiple traffic offenses or crimes such as drunk driving. 

Employer requirements

Each individual company or municipality that decides to employ bus drivers can create their own additional requirements. This may include background checks, mandatory training updates at regular intervals, and additional knowledge of how to maintain the bus and notice mechanical problems. It is also very common for governments, school districts, and other employers of commercial drivers to require that each employee submit to random tests for the presence of drugs or alcohol in their bloodstream. Failure of such a test can result in various forms of discipline, including termination. 

Negligence by bus drivers

These requirements can be important if there is an accident that results in an investigation. Commercial vehicle accidents in particular tend to be investigated due to the large amounts of damage and injuries that occur. A failure to follow traffic laws, vehicle regulations that are related to bus driving, or criminal activity can all potentially be used as evidence in a civil lawsuit against the driver and their employer. Victims can be compensated for their medical treatment, lost wages, and other damages through a settlement paid by the driver’s insurance company. 

Bus accident lawyers in Austin

Robson Law Firm works with people who have been involved in various types of motor vehicle accidents to receive compensation. Their lawyers can meet with anyone who needs advice during an initial consultation.

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