What happens when a bus malfunction causes an accident in Merrydale?

Merrydale, LA – Buses in Louisiana and other states travel many miles each day. During this time, accidents are possible due to mistakes. If the driver was responsible, East Baton Rouge Parish public transportation can also be sued as well if the driver was working and caused an accident. But motor vehicle accidents also happen because of problems with the vehicle. There are products liability cases that can be filed against various parties in the stream of commerce to make them pay for losses. Lawyers who handle personal injury matters can be consulted for more information about this process.  

Finding the party who is liable

In most bus accident cases, some kind of driver error causes the crash. In these situations, the bus driver’s employer can be named as the defendant in the lawsuit, as companies and government entities are strictly liable for the actions of their workers who are engaged in their normal job duties. However, if it is determined that the driver did not make a mistake and the vehicle had some kind of mechanical error, the manufacturer who is responsible can be made to pay for the losses. 

Products liability cases

When a bus malfunctions, there will need to be an investigation to find out what happened. If a part like tires or brakes failed, the manufacturer of the part may be named as a defendant in the lawsuit. A products liability case can be filed against the vehicle manufacturer if a defective design of the bus is at issue. In products liability cases, a manufacturer can be strictly liable releasing any product into the stream of commerce that causes harm during its normal use. This is a relatively common problem in motor vehicle accident cases, and the manufacturer will try to issue a recall to avoid additional lawsuits and liability. It also gives the company an incentive to conduct extensive safety research and testing to avoid lawsuits after releasing the vehicle.

Damages in products liability cases

A manufacturer who is named in the case will have to pay for losses caused during the crash, usually through a settlement. This may include medical treatment costs, the victim’s lost wages, and projected future losses caused by the accident. 

Accident attorneys are available in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that files accident and injury lawsuits for clients in Merrydale and other parts of Louisiana. Their attorneys can provide advice to those who are considering a lawsuit against a negligent driver. 

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