What happens after a school bus hits multiple cars in Boca Raton?

Buses are more likely to be involved in accidents due to their larger size and the additional skills and training required to operate these vehicles. Bus operators are also exposed to more risk than many other drivers due to long hours of constantly being on the road and making stops. This leaves a much smaller margin of error for bus drivers and creates the possibility for bus accidents to happen regularly.  Holding a driver or the company or municipality that owns the bus responsible through a lawsuit is the best way to solve any problems caused by a bus accident.

An accident in Boca Raton involved a school bus and several cars nearby were damaged from the impact.

School district bus causes multiple car collision

The Palm Beach County School District bus which caused the accident was traveling near the intersection of Clint Moore Road and Congress Ave in Boca Raton.

The initial cause of the accident appeared to be the bus going into the rear end of a Volvo stopped directly in front of the driver. Then this first impact caused the Volvo to go into other cars nearby. After the crash, the bus driver and two other students were transported to Boca Raton Community Hospital, but their injuries did not appear to be serious. The driver of the Volvo was also evaluated by medical staff, but no further information was available about the condition of the other drivers or students on the bus. Local fire rescue stated that a total of four vehicles were involved in the accident.

After the initial investigation, the police did not issue any traffic citations or file any criminal charges. The driver of the bus had been employed for over ten years without any problems at the time the crash occurred. The principal and additional buses arrived on the scene to help the rest of the students get to school.

Multiple cases can be filed

In these situations, there are going to be many parties involved in the lawsuit. The driver is technically employed by the school district, so they can be held liable for the negligence of their employees including bus drivers. All of the drivers involved who sustained damage to their vehicles may end up filing insurance claims or lawsuits to ensure that their repairs are paid for. As a practical matter, the school district may choose to settle the cases for amounts that will cover the vehicle damage and treatment for minor injuries rather than absorb the expenses and legal fees associated with going to trial for several different cases.

While this situation does not seem to have caused any serious injuries or extensive property damage, lawyers who specialize in cases related to similar accidents are available to help even when a bus driver causes much more serious problems.

Get help from a local bus accident lawyer

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