What Does the Law Have to Say About Bus Manufacturing and Maintenance in Las Vegas, Nevada?


According to the FTA (Federal Transportation Administration), there are many rules and regulations to ensure that passengers remain safe while traveling on a bus in the US. All types of buses in Las Vegas, Nevada in particular, have to meet certain criteria before they are allowed to become available to the public.

Nevada statues for bus requirements

There are many statues which issue what criteria a bus needs to meet in order for it to run publicly. Here is a quick summary of just some of the statues which pertain particularly to Nevada.

  • Nevada Revised Statute 484D.615 explains the vehicle length limitations for buses and also for other vehicles
  • NRS 484D.690 explains the possible width limitations that buses can have.
  • Nevada Revised Statute 484D.140 mentions the necessities for extra equipment and lighting on buses
  • 460 mentions the requirements for reflectors and lanterns on buses.
  • Nevada Revised Statute 484D.275 explains the requirements for bus brake reservoirs.
  • Nevada Revised Statute 484D.280 mentions the necessities for warning signals and devices for certain buses and trucks.

For more details on the legal requirements and statues relative to buses, one should contact a bus accident attorney in Las Vegas, NV.

How often should a bus be maintained?

Buses need to be maintained based on how much they are used. Naturally, the more mileage they cover, the more frequently they should be taken in for servicing. If a bus owner fails to make sure that their vehicle is not in proper working order before putting it out for commercial use then they can be held liable and may have to face charges. The reason why it is so important to make sure that a bus is in good shape is because if anything goes wrong there will most likely be many people who get involved in the accident.

Since buses carry dozens of individuals at a time, a bus accident can lead to some seriously complicated lawsuits and it can become very difficult for the individual who owns the bus to deal with all of the legalities without losing out completely. Bus accidents caused due to a lack of maintenance can be more complicated and the penalties can be more severe because of how many laws have been put in place regarding the proper maintenance and construction of the bus.

How can a bus accident attorney help

If a bus driver finds themselves in a situation where they feel like they were being safe and following regulations but their bus malfunctioned unknowingly, then they should go ahead and call in a bus accident attorney to help them out. There is a probability that the bus itself was not manufactured correctly and if that is the case then the fault of the driver can be reduced, possibly by a significant amount. A bus accident attorney from South West Injury Law can help any driver in Las Vegas, Nevada fight their case and reduce any penalty they may be facing.