What does it mean if a bus driver was negligent in Saluda County?

Saluda County, SC – The majority of civil motor vehicle accident cases are brought under the doctrine of negligence. This is true even for accidents involving commercial vehicles such as buses. The main reason why negligence cases are important is that they allow plaintiffs to ask for a sufficient amount of compensation to pay for all of their losses, even if the defendant did not act intentionally to cause those losses. To learn more about negligence, anyone who was harmed during a collision involving a bus should speak to a licensed attorney.  

Negligence in accident lawsuits

When a person needs compensation after an accident, they will need to show that the driver responsible was negligent in some manner to win their case. There is a standard definition of negligence which includes a few different elements. These are a relevant duty of care, a breach of that same duty, actual and proximate causation of the accident, and damages. All of these elements need to be present, although in most accident cases the fact that someone was careless and caused a crash is sufficient. As a practical matter, things like traffic violations and reckless driving tend to show that the driver did not meet the relevant standard of care. 

Bus driver rules and regulations

Bus drivers may be held to a higher duty of care than many other drivers for several reasons. First, they are responsible for transporting large numbers of people to their destinations safely, where most other drivers are only responsible for themselves or a small group of people in a vehicle. Secondly, like other commercial drivers they need special qualifications that are only issued after going through training for people who are applying for their CDL. During this training, they are made aware of various rules that are relevant to bus drivers and how to avoid accidents while keeping their passengers safe. 

Violations of any rules that are relevant to the operation of a bus can potentially be used as evidence of negligence in a related lawsuit. This includes mistakes made by the employer related to things like hiring and training drivers and maintaining their fleet of vehicles.

Legal advice following a bus accident in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm works to help people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents in Saluda County and other parts of South Carolina. Accident victims who need to file a lawsuit for compensation should schedule a meeting with their experienced attorneys.

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