What does a bus accident cost in Lemannville?

Lemannville, LA – Bus drivers can make mistakes and get into accidents like anyone else on the road. Unfortunately, their mistakes tend to be extremely costly for a number of different people. When a collision occurs, the people who were hurt may all choose to bring civil lawsuits to try to get payments for their medical bills and other costs. This means that the local government or company that owns the bus will be liable for large amounts of damage, which will likely be paid by their insurance company and result in increased rates.

Costs of commercial vehicle accidents

The company or government that operates a bus or other large commercial vehicles needs to have special insurance. This is because accidents that involve trucks or buses tend to cause much more damage, and multiple people can be injured or killed in severe crashes. Insurance policies for these vehicles tend to be large enough to cover millions of dollars in damage if necessary. When dozens of passengers on a bus need emergency medical care, this tends to make the costs of a bus accident skyrocket. 

Calculating damages in motor vehicle accident lawsuits

All plaintiffs who file accident cases will ask for certain types of damages when they first bring the lawsuit. Louisiana law allows for a few different types of compensation in this manner. Non-economic damages or general damages are for pain and suffering. This allows the plaintiff’s lawyer to try to assign a value to changes in the person’s life such as physical pain, mental health issues, and the loss of the person’s ability to function as they did before the crash. This can be less than, equal to, or greater than the amount of compensatory damages paid out depending on the seriousness of the injuries. Compensatory or special damages are the calculation of things like medical bills, lost wages, and losses that the victim can show through their records and bills. Future projected losses for additional time out of work or medical care can be a large part of these damages. Finally, there is the possibility of punitive damages to punish defendants in an accident lawsuit. However, Louisiana law limits punitive damages in accident cases to situations where the defendant was driving after using drugs or alcohol.  

Advice after a bus accident in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a law firm that handles various kinds of motor vehicle accident and personal injury lawsuits in Lemannville and other parts of Louisiana. Their lawyers can meet with anyone who has questions about the process to receive compensation.

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