What do you do if you are in a Bus Accident?

A Guide to What To Do if You Are in a Bus Accident

Being involved in any kind of traffic accident can be a harrowing experience. Even if nobody is seriously hurt, it can still shake you up very bad. Not to mention, the hassle afterwards of dealing with insurance claims, medical and car repair bills and other details you must handle to get your life back to normal. It can be a crazy time where you are left wondering what do you do if you are in a bus accident.

The best thing you can do is contact an attorney who can help you through the process. An attorney will know how to deal with each situation you will face. It can ease your mind and take a lot of stress out of the situation. However, there things you will do in the aftermath of an accident before you contact Los Angeles bus accident lawyers.

Right After an Accident Happens

In the immediate moments after an accident, what do you do if you are in a bus accident may not be the first worry on your mind. You may be shaken up and confused. It can be tough to process what has happened and to start thinking clearly, but you need to try to get your wits about you so you can ensure your safety and help others if needed. Being able to think straight could help prevent further tragedies.

The first thing you need to do is assess your own condition.  Check yourself for injuries. It is not uncommon to think you are perfectly fine but actually have a severe injury. Your body can go into shock, which masks pain, and it will be pumping adrenaline, which can also cover up pain. So, always do a quick self-assessment to make sure you have no serious injuries.

Once you have determined you are okay, you can begin to help others. Since bus accidents can happen anywhere and in any type of situation. It helps to first assess the scene. Look for any immediate dangers, such as traffic going by, steep inclines or even fuel leaks. Progressive suggests identifying a safe space where you can go away from the accident and away from the roadway. Help others around you to get to the safe area.

If nobody has contacted law enforcement and you have access to a phone, then you can call 911 or another emergency number to get help. The chances are, though, that authorities have already been contacted, but if you do not hear or see them, go ahead and call just to be sure they have been contacted.

After the Accident

Even if you had no injuries that needed immediate care at the scene, you should always see a doctor after being in an accident. Northwest Primary Care explains that some accident injuries are not immediately apparent. You could be suffering from a severe injury and not be aware. Left untreated, such injuries could lead to more serious health situations. When you think about what do you do if you are in a bus accident, it is always wise to get a doctor to check you out just to be sure you are okay.

In addition, seeking medical care will be helpful when you start working with your attorney to seek damages and file a claim for the accident. Having documented medical proof can make it easier to get reimbursement for your medical expenses, and if you had to take time off work due to injuries, it can also help get damages for lost wages.

Contacting an Attorney

Once you contact an attorney, you can start moving towards filing an insurance claim for any expenses caused by the accident. One thing your attorney will probably discuss with you is the insurance laws in your state and how they will affect your claim.

Some states are no-fault states, which Allstate explains means each person in an accident submits any accident claims to his or her own insurance first. Most states, however, are not no-fault states. If you happen to be in a no-fault state, it changes what do you do if you are in a bus accident. Instead of filing a claim with the insurance of the at-fault party, you will file the claim with your own insurance. Your insurance company may then handle any claims that need made to the at-fault party or other liable parties.

If you are not in a no-fault state, then your attorney will file claims with the proper insurance companies. Since there are many different types of buses, exactly what is done is often determined by the type of bus you were on. For example, if you were riding a city transit bus, your attorney may file a claim with the city. If you were on a school bus, a claim may be filed with the school district.

In any case, there are usually strict time limits for filing insurance claims. Los Angeles bus accident attorneys will help keep you on track and ensure everything is filed on time. In the event your claims are denied, your attorney will then start working on your case so you can go to court and fight for damages.

Trying to figure out the process of what do you do if you are in a bus accident can be especially confusing. This is why it is best to work with an attorney who specializes in this type of accident. He or she will know who to contact, what to file, who to file it with and how to handle any issues that may come up. Trying to do this alone could leave you not getting damages rightfully due to you to cover expenses caused by the accident. If you have been in a bus accident, then find an attorney that will fight for you by contacting USAttorneys.com.