What are the steps to receive compensation after a bus accident in Lexington County?

Lexington County, SC – People who have been harmed due to the mistakes of a bus driver have the right to take legal action. This is true whether the bus was driven by a government or private sector employee. Here is an overview of the actions a victim can take to try to get a settlement for their injury costs. 

Reporting the crash

Once the accident happens, the local police should be notified and any other drivers should also tell their insurance company. This will start the accident investigation and start the process for any relevant insurance claims. The police or fire department should also generate an accident report where they give an objective account of the vehicles involved and what happened to cause the crash. These kinds of reports usually become an important piece of evidence during settlement negotiations or a trial. 

Medical treatment

Anyone who was hurt during the crash should receive medical treatment. Even if there does not appear to be an emergency need for medical care, some symptoms may not appear immediately and the victim should still be examined for latent medical issues. Any documentation related to the treatment can potentially be used as evidence, and the victim can start to bring a lawsuit even if their medical care will be ongoing.   

Meeting with a lawyer and filing the case

There are various accident attorneys available who can speak with the victims about the potential for a lawsuit and how to get payment for their lost income and medical costs. However, only a lawyer with experience in winning injury lawsuits and other appropriate credentials should be chosen. If there is an agreement on representation, the lawyer will draft the complaint that names the bus driver’s employer as a defendant and asks for relief in the form of compensation.  

Settlement negotiations

As a practical matter, it is much more efficient for firms and insurance companies to settle a case through a settlement. This also tends to result in less legal fees for the client who brings the case. Any final amount that is negotiated should be enough to cover all of the losses caused by the bus collision, as it will not be possible to reopen the case and ask for more money at a later date. 

Bus accident lawyers in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm helps accident victims in Lexington County and other parts of South Carolina with the process to file a lawsuit for compensation. People who need legal advice can meet with their attorneys to find out more about bringing a case and negotiating a settlement. 

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