What are the rights of those who are injured by bus drivers in Las Vegas Nevada?

Because of the layout of the city and high levels of tourism, Las Vegas has a number of people who are transported every day on buses between casinos, airports, and other destinations. Bus drivers and their employers do have a duty to transport passengers safely, which is why there are legal remedies available for those who have been injured in a bus accident.

As a passenger, you have the right to arrive at your destination without experiencing injuries or inconvenience. Pedestrians and other vehicles also should not be stricken while in or around the roads. A recent incident involving a regional transportation commission bus shows how dangerous the buses in the city can be and how accidents are likely to occur.

RTC bus seriously injures a pedestrian in front of the Bellagio Resort

At about 10pm on a Saturday night, police were called to the Bellagio on Las Vegas Boulevard South to respond to a bus collision. The local police discovered a man in critical condition after he was apparently struck in the road by an RTC bus. They believe he was unlawfully in the roadway, probably from jaywalking or ignoring a traffic signal. The traffic in that part of Las Vegas Blvd. was also closed for a period of time due to the incident.

Many different kind of incidents can occur

There are a number of related things that can happen involving buses. If a driver crashes or makes sudden movements that disrupt those riding inside, multiple passengers can be injured. Pedestrians, property, and other drivers may also be subjected to serious damage due to the size of buses in the area when traffic collisions happen. The drivers themselves may also be impaired by drugs or alcohol, or otherwise in violation or transportation regulations by driving for too many hours or during prohibited times. If any of these incidents occur, those who are hurt can get legal representation in order to file a lawsuit against the business or entity that is responsible for the bus along with the individual driver.

Bus accidents and personal injury lawsuits 

Most lawsuits against a bus driver and their employer are personal injury cases. A lawyer will need to show facts that show poor driving or other improper acts contributed to injuries nearby. In many situations, the fact that an accident occurred is enough proof of fault on its own. However, it still helps to provide as much detail to an attorney as possible when discussing an accident.

Personal injury lawyers usually make claims for the costs of things like medical bills, medications, and other treatments. People who sustain injuries also usually miss time from work or suffer other forms of economic harm which lawyers consider in settlement agreements or arguments in court for a certain amount of compensation. Each individual case is different, but the best strategy is to keep records of all the costs you have incurred because of an injury and provide everything to your lawyer. Nevada also has its own laws regarding how these damages are calculated and how fault may be divided between those involved in an accident, so it is necessary to consult with an attorney who is licensed in the state and has handled a number of similar cases in the past.

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