What Actions Should I Take After My Denver Bus Accident?

Denver, CO- Whenever you get on a city bus, a tour bus or put your child on a school bus, you are putting your life or the life of your child in the hands of a bus driver or bus owner. Usually, you are in safe hands, but drivers and bus companies can be negligent and cause an accident. What then? What actions should you take to get justice for your crash?

What Should I Do If I’m Hurt in a Bus Collision?

In short, after a bus accident, you should: 

Seek immediate medical attention

Report the accident to police

Follow your doctor’s orders

Decide if you want to file a personal injury claim

Contact a bus accident lawyer in Denver

Bus accidents are often worse than car accidents because school buses, municipal transport buses, and tour buses are large vehicles. Most of the people killed in bus collisions are occupants of other cars, not buses. That’s because a smaller car is more vulnerable to the force of an accident and the resulting injuries can be severe.

If you are hurt in a bus accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. You may be more hurt than you realize and could make your injuries worse. Additionally, if you want to file a bus accident claim, you need a clear record of your injuries and the medical costs you incurred. If you refuse to get medical care, the at-fault parties can argue that you weren’t hurt in the crash or the injuries you suffered aren’t as serious as you claim. Not getting medical attention opens up arguments against your injury claim and could keep you from getting the amount you deserve.

Set Up a Case Evaluation with a Bus Crash Lawyer

Bus accident victims need a legal expert working in in their injury or wrongful death claim. Presenting a convincing bus accident takes time, legal know-how, and dedication. You need someone to work on your behalf and help you get past the hurdles in your way.

One of those challenges is sovereign immunity. The law protects the city, county, municipal, and state from frivolous lawsuits. Exceptions to sovereign immunity include:

Traffic crashes involving city employees including bus drivers

Operation of a public hospital, school or correctional facility

There is a dangerous condition in a municipal or federal building

A hazardous condition on a public highway, road, or street which impedes traffic

Those are just a few of the exceptions to sovereign immunity in Colorado. If you want to learn more about sovereign immunity, USAttorneys.com recommends you set up a consultation with an injury attorney near you in Colorado. They help you identify the governmental or private parties responsible for your crash and begin building an effective bus crash claim. Call today and make an appointment with a litigator near you.