Was Your Child Injured in One of These Three Types of School Bus Accidents?


Although school buses are considered to be rather safe for children to travel on, the accidents they are involved in are known to leave victims suffering from mild to serious injuries. There are three common types of school bus accidents that occur and it is important you become aware of what these are if your child rides the bus or was involved in an accident themselves.


  1. Accident Involving Pedestrians- When children are entering and exiting the bus, they take on the role of a pedestrian. Some students have to cross the street while others have to walk a small distance from where their bus let them off. Some school bus accidents that involve pedestrians are directly caused by the bus driver who may not have been as cautious and careful as they should be. Students getting on and off the bus are also more vulnerable to getting hit by another driver who either neglected to stop for the bus or again, wasn’t being attentive in their driving.


  1. Accidents Involving Other Motorists- Another type of accident that happens often is when another motorist hits a school bus. Depending on how the accident played out might determine just how serious it was. If a driver hit the bus from behind, their vehicle may have sustained more damage than the bus. But, if the car or truck hit the school bus from the side or head-on, it may escalate the accident to a more serious one. The more serious the impact, the more likely someone suffered an injury.


  1. Accidents Caused by the School Bus Driver- School bus drivers are generally not the ones who are responsible for causing an accident as they go through extensive training in order to operate a bus. However, distracted driving has become a serious issue in today’s society so some accidents are attributed to a distracted or careless bus driver.


Now, if you live in the state of North Carolina and your child was involved in a school bus crash, it is imperative that you learn why the accident occurred and which parties caused it.


Why is it important to know who caused the accident?


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Some of the parties that canbe  held accountable for causing a school bus accident include the bus driver, another motorist, the school, and even the school district.

Once a bus accident arises, it will usually generate a case number as it will go through the school district system and even through an insurance company if damage was done and/or injuries were sustained. Each school bus accident case is going to vary based on the severity of the injuries sustained and who is liable for causing the accident. The responsible party that contributed to the crash occurring is often accountable for providing compensation to the injured parties. This is sometimes offered through an insurance claim settlement or a personal injury lawsuit given legal action was taken.

In some cases, there is only one liable party while in other cases, there might be multiple people or entities that can be held accountable. With the help of a reliable school bus accident lawyer in North Carolina, you can determine whether or not multiple parties will be pursued for compensation and just how much this accident entitles your child to. If you would like help in locating a NC school bus collision lawyer now, contact USAttorneys.com today.

If your child is now subjected to living a different more difficult life or has to suffer each day because of the physical and emotional pain they might be experiencing, consider speaking with a school bus accident attorney immediately.