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Virginia Bus Accident Attorneys

According to the Centers for Disease Control, traffic deaths in Virginia cost citizens an estimated $947 million dollars. These figures don’t account for the many more people who are injured or disabled due to traffic accidents, nor do these figures account for bus accident injuries in Virginia. While riding the bus is generally quite safe, there are instances where individuals suffer personal injuries or other losses while waiting for a bus, while riding a bus, or while riding in their personal vehicle due to a bus collision.

Although many vehicular accidents do not require the assistance of a lawyer, when an incident involves Virginia public bus transit systems such as the DASH or CUE Bus, victims and their families might find themselves facing unique challenges. For example, public bus drivers, government-run bus systems, and other government agencies may be protected under the principle of sovereign immunity. The legal concept of sovereign immunity protects the government from being sued without its consent. This means that if you are seeking damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering after being in a Virginia bus accident, you may face a more complex claims process than most.

Fortunately, the lawyers featured on can help. Our bus accident attorneys in Virginia understand sovereign immunity claims. A lawyer can review your claim, identify all negligent stakeholders involved, speak to insurance adjusters, and fight to help you get the best possible settlement permitted under the law.

What You Need to Know About Virginia Sovereign Immunity Claims

While the government is generally protected under sovereign immunity, Virginia law offers special provisions for victims in certain situations. For example, under the Virginia Tort Claims Act, individuals and families are given the limited ability to sue state employees, bus drivers, and other stakeholders, only if the individual would have been liable were the case between two civilians. This is only a partial waiver of sovereign immunity, making Virginia one of the stricter states in terms of its use of sovereign immunity protections. So, if you’ve been hurt on a Virginia public bus, it is incredibly important that you speak to a Virginia bus accident attorney as soon as possible. You may only have one year to make a claim against a negligent bus driver or government entity. Because the claims process can be more complex, your lawyer will need as much time as possible to make that claim. Explore today to get connected with a qualified bus accident attorney in Virginia who can help you understand your rights when suing a public bus system or government entity.

Bus Drivers Must Abide by Strict Local and Federal Laws

Bus accident claims can be quite complex. Bus drivers and bus companies must abide by strict local and federal laws. For example, bus drivers must obey federal hours of service laws. These laws restrict how long a driver can operate a bus or truck before taking a break. Furthermore, according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, bus drivers must also meet certain requirements to obtain the licensure required to operate a bus. Drivers must pass medical requirements, skills requirements, and written tests. If a bus driver fails to update his or her medical requirements or if a driver violates federal hours of service laws, she could be putting other people on the road at significant risk.

Private and charter buses may not be run by the government, but these claims also have their own unique challenges. For example, charter and private bus companies may be required to hold high-value insurance policies. These policies may be as high as $5 million. Problems arise when multiple people are injured in a serious bus accident because the victims may be required to split the value of a claim. A qualified bus accident lawyer in Virginia can help you understand the claims process and speak to these insurance adjusters on your behalf.

The bus accident attorneys featured on our site are well-versed when it comes to the laws, regulations, and rules pertaining to filing a bus crash lawsuit within the state of Virginia, and will stop at nothing until a favorable outcome is achieved. They understand that they are truly limited on the amount of time permitted to get your bus accident claim filed and will work to ensure it is done so accurately, and in a timely manner.

The lawyers featured on understand that you may be facing unique challenges after your accident. You should be focusing on healing, and not on the legal aspects of your claim. You may be trying to adjust to life after suffering a disability, or are going through the mourning process if a loved one lost his or her life. A leading bus accident attorney in Virginia can help. can get you connected with bus accident law firms that are more than qualified to take on your case.

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