Victims of 2015 MAX Bus Accident Awarded $12 Million in Damages


After a week-long trial in Jefferson County, a verdict has finally been reached for the MAX bus accident that occurred back in 2015. After deliberations concluded, it was determined that the 15 victims who were named in the personal injury lawsuit would be awarded a total of $12 million which is expected to be split among the plaintiffs. Six million has been awarded for compensatory damages and six million for punitive damages. While some of the individuals involved in the crash suffered from several broken bones, another was required to have her leg amputated below the knee as a result of the crash. One victim even “had their back broken in three places,” according to

The family filing the lawsuit on behalf of Doris Jackson who did not survive the accident was awarded $150,000 in compensatory and $400,000 in punitive damages. Charlyse Williams was one victim who happened to be riding at the front of the bus the day the crash transpired. She recounted the moments that led up the accident stating that she first noticed that the driver began to slump over the steering wheel which promoted her to run over in an attempt to grab hold of the wheel. She claimed it looked as though the driver was having a seizure and then eventually fainted. The bus driver suffered from a medical condition that caused him to faint yet he was still permitted to operate the bus.

The bus then ran over a curb, falling onto its side and into a ravine. Williams was thrown to the front of the bus and then backward, and was trapped by the wheelchair lift that fell on top of her. The bus driver then fell on top of her. After being transported to the hospital and learning that her leg would need to be amputated, she knew her life would change forever, and it did.

This is the reason why bus accident victims are encouraged to enlist the help of a bus accident lawyer in Birmingham, AL after being injured in a crash. These types of incidents have the tendency to change your life and it is important that this is recognized. By filing a lawsuit against the party who is accountable for causing the accident, you might be entitled to compensatory damages as well as punitive damages, just like several of the victims were in this case.


What’s the difference between compensatory damages and punitive damages?


Compensatory damages refer to money that is awarded to a plaintiff who suffered an injury or a loss as a result of an accident. An injury can be physical or mental and things like medical bills and even loss of wages are taken into account when determining how much a plaintiff deserves in compensatory damages. Punitive damages, on the other hand, is an amount that is awarded as a form of punishment for the person or party who was held liable for causing the incident.

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