Two School Bus Accidents Occurring on Separate Occasions in Maryland Sent Several Children to the Hospital

A 25-year old may be held accountable for causing a school bus accident to occur in Maryland that left seven people injured. According to Fox 5 News, the 25-year old was in his Dodge Stratus along with a 26-year-old female when he collided into the bus that was carrying 27 students from Patapsco High School as well as a bus assistant. The bus assistant along with four students were taken to a local hospital and were said to have suffered non-life threatening injuries. As for the driver and his passenger, they both had to be cut out of the vehicle.

The bus accident occurred around 2:43 p.m. and the initial investigation showed that the Dodge Stratus was driving south on North Point Boulevard in Dundalk when it struck the driver side of the school bus that had been making a left turn onto North Point at the time.


Another School Bus Accident in Maryland May Have Resulted in Several Students Suffering from Injuries


In more recent news, we are learning that a school bus transporting students from Bennett Middle School was involved in an accident a few days back. According to WMDT, a vehicle collided into the back of the school bus while it was in front of the middle school. The Wicomico County Public School Director of Communications and Community Outreach said that there were 30 students on board the bus at the time of the collision that occurred around 3:30 p.m.

Fruitland Police reported that several students were transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center where they were checked out, however, the source did not highlight if any students did, in fact, suffer from any severe or minor injuries.  As for the other students who didn’t need to go to the hospital, some were picked up by their parents from the school and others were transported home by a different school bus.


Police officers noted that the driver of the car was at fault for causing the accident and will likely be cited for their negligence.


A School Bus Accident Can Happen Anywhere and at any Given Time


From Fruitland to Dundalk, school bus accidents can happen in any city across the state of

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