Two Injured in Massachusetts Bus Accident

Boston, MA – Earlier this morning, August 31st, a school bus accident involving a SUV and a pickup truck has left two drivers injured.

CBS Boston reports that earlier this Thursday morning about nine children were on board their school bus en route to Brophy Elementary School when a crash occurred.

The bus accident took place at Brook and Water Streets at about 8:45 a.m., and involved the school bus, a pickup truck, and a SUV. While the SUV suffered heavy front-end damage, the truck rolled over as a result of the bus accident.

Due to the severe amount of damage done to the pickup truck, the truck driver was immediately airlifted via helicopter. Luckily, the extent of his injuries were far less than the damage done to his vehicle. The woman driving the SUV was taken to Mass Memorial Center for non life-threatening injuries. As a precaution, the bus driver was taken to the hospital.

WBZ-TV’s Nicole Jacobs tweeted the news that the kids involved in the Massachusetts bus accident were all okay and were moved to another school bus after the collision.

According to one witness, Sirlei Lopez, everyone was making noise, especially the kids who were on the bus during the crash. She further shares that they lined up the kids in an effort to get them off the school bus first.

In a statement released by Framingham Public Schools, they confirmed that Framingham School Bus M24 was in fact involved in a bus accident at the intersection of Brook and Water Streets, and that “no students were injured.”

Another witness, Jim Foster, who was driving by at the time of the bus accident, says he immediately pulled over and ran over to the truck. He maintains that it is a miracle that things were not much, much worse.

Of the truck in the bus accident, Foster says he could not only see smoke rising up from the truck, bus also that he saw that a school bus had been struck, and that another car signaled ti had been hit pretty hard because it was on the sidewalk with all of the airbags deployed.

Foster further contests that the truck driver “has to be one of the luckiest people on earth right now” because not even a small child could have fit in the tiny hole the driver was sitting in. When he went to see if anyone in the truck needed help, he thought he was going to find someone who was in much worse shape than the driver was. He says “when I stuck my head in that hole and saw him looking up at me, I couldn’t believe it.”

While the truck driver in this Boston bus accident may have came out relatively unscathed, this is not normally the case. Many bus accidents lead to property damage, physical injuries, and even worse – loss of life. If you have been in a crash with a bus, will pair you with an experienced bus accident attorney in Massachusetts who will fight on your behalf in order to protect your rights.

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