Two Buses Collide at Intersection in New York City that Left Three Dead and 15 Injured


A tragic bus accident occurred in New York City today and is responsible for taking the lives of three individuals and injuring 15 others. The accident now has the National Transportation Safety Board investigating the crash to find out exactly what happened and why. Bus collisions are known to cause major havoc, resulting in damage and injuries. ABC News shared the surveillance video of the crash provided to them by ABC Station WABC in New York and the video shows just how intense the impact was.


Why did the bus accident occur?


According to ABC News, a New York City MTA bus was in the process of turning the corner in Flushing at a slow and steady pace, just as buses are expected to. Turning a corner at an increased rate of speed does raise the chance of the bus flipping which could lead to passengers suffering from life-threatening injuries. At the time the MTA bus was turning the corner, however, we see another bus come up from behind and strike the city bus. The bus responsible for causing the accident was identified as a Dahlia charter bus. The charter bus’s speedometer was stuck on 60 mph when investigators arrived on scene. That speed is twice the limit in an intersection and obviously much faster than a bus should be going through a New York City street.

Because negligence may have been a factor, it can be expected that many individuals who suffered injuries as well as the family members who lost a loved one will hire a bus accident lawyer in NY and file a lawsuit against the responsible company and/or individual.


Can an individual involved in a bus accident file a personal injury lawsuit?


Yes, an injured individual can file a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a New York City bus accident attorney and the family of a decedent can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the bus company and/or the negligent party.

Is it important to understand that in a bus accident, fault will need to be established and negligence needs to be determined before personal injury damages can be awarded. In most instances, the injured individual would come forward and file their personal injury lawsuit, however, the family members of those who lost their life may be entitled to bring a claim forward against the Dahlia charter bus company. Here’s why.


  1. The bus driver was speeding. He displayed negligence and failed to provide a duty of care to other drivers on the roadway as well as to the passengers he was carrying on the bus he was operating.
  2. The Dahlia charter bus company has a history of violations and has been cited multiple times in the past for speeding violations. This can only help strengthen a personal injury claim or lawsuit that is filed against the company.


Although the cause of the accident hasn’t yet been identified, it is clear the bus driver of the Dahlia charter bus committed a traffic offense that led up to the accident occurring.


If you or someone you know was recently involved in a bus accident in New York, don’t hesitate to bring your case forward to one of the bus crash lawyers at You may be entitled to collect several types of damages that can help cover medical costs, pain and suffering, and compensation for your losses.