Truck Driver Charged in California Bus Crash that Killed 13

San Diego, CA- Fatigued driving is a primary concern for commercial truck and bus drivers, and a leading cause of road accidents involving both types of large vehicles. Too many traffic fatalities are the result of drowsy or sleepy drivers. One such driver who caused the deaths of thirteen people on a charter bus has been formally charged for the deaths after investigators discovered he fell asleep behind the wheel.

Truck Driver Charged in Deadly California Bus Crash

On Oct. 23, 2016, a truck driver from Georgia was traveling on Highway 10 in Riverside County when he dozed off at the wheel. The driver, who had a history of illegally altering his logbooks, had fallen asleep after traffic came to a standstill. When traffic began to move again, the truck driver was still sleeping and stationary.

The truck was blocking the westbound lane when a charter bus, traveling at 76 mph, approached and slammed into the rear. The front end of the bus crumpled. Thirteen people on board died, and dozens were injured, according to USA Today. 

The arrest warrant for truck driver states that he violated federal hours of service laws. It says that during a 24-hour period, the accused only allowed for seven hours of sleep, less than the eight or more required by law. The arrest warrant also alleges the driver of falsifying his books and failing to take a mandatory 34-hour rest period between cross-country trips.

The truck driver is facing 13 counts of vehicular manslaughter along with other charges including reckless driving with injury and gross negligence.

Who is Responsible for Your Bus Accident?

In the case of the accident above, the truck driver was liable, but it took a nearly year-long investigation to figure that out. Sometimes it is hard to determine fault without the help of a skilled bus accident attorney working on your claim. You cannot start the claims process or file a civil suit until you know who is responsible for your bus wreck. Liable parties can include:

City, state or county governments

Charter bus companies

School districts

Truck drivers or trucking companies

The first step to recovering compensation for your bus crash is getting legal advice. Once you learn what options you have, you can decide the best way to resolve your bus crash claim. You may prefer to settle with an insurer or file a civil court claim, either way; you can count on our attorneys to get the best outcome for your case.

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