Transportation companies are responsible for their passengers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV – People who are traveling through the Las Vegas area may need to utilize the services of a bus company or other commercial vehicle to get around. Unfortunately, these drivers do get into accidents and put the lives of their passengers in danger. When this happens, the people who were harmed can attempt to bring a civil case against the parent company that owns the vehicle, as well as the individual driver. 

Lawsuits against transportation companies

Any business that operates a service which transports people around a major city is held to a certain standard of care. The drivers of these vehicles are not supposed to cause accidents, as they can put dozens of people at risk at the same time. A negligence lawsuit is the main remedy available to victims, and this type of case essentially says that the driver violated their duty of care while driving, and that their actions were the direct cause of injuries to people in their vehicle. The lawsuit also asks for a certain amount of compensation that is relative to the amount and severity of losses caused by the negligent driver. 

High risk insurance policies

Because of the possibility that large amounts of costs tied to medical treatment and property repairs can result from one accident, companies that transport individuals around the city will often buy special insurance policies. These policies are meant to cover their vehicles if large amounts of damage happens all at once. Their liability coverage may also be activated if they are sued by several people for losses related to things like medical treatment and an inability to work after the collision. 

Calculating losses

One of the most important things that a civil accident lawyer does for their client is to summarize the total amount of losses when asking for damages through a settlement or jury verdict. Damages normally include tangible things like property repairs, hospitalization and costs of doctors, lost wages and time away from work. There are also non-economic damages meant to compensate the victims for trauma, mental and emotional pain, suffering, and any lasting mental health issues caused by the collision. Many of these issues are resolved through a settlement, as this tends to be more efficient and less costly than going through a trial and paying for all of the associated legal fees. 

Learn more from a local accident attorney

Anyone who has been involved in a collision in the Las Vegas area or nearby parts of Nevada can get legal assistance from an experienced firm. Southwest Injury Law is available to help local clients with lawsuits and other issues. 

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