Transportation accidents in Tennessee can result in legal action

Nashville, TNBus accidents and other collisions involving transportation vehicles are one of the worst kinds of collisions, because so many people can be injured at once. While some businesses who own fleets of vehicles have special insurance, victims may receive extensive medical treatment to deal with their health problems. Taking legal action is one of the only ways that they can be compensated for these issues caused by another driver. 

Lawsuits against an owner of a business vehicle

When any kind of commercial vehicle or truck causes an accident, the parent company that operates the vehicle or transportation service can be made to answer for their actions in civil court. Both the individual driver and the company that owns the vehicle that caused the accident will normally be named as defendants in a civil lawsuit. In many cases, the business rather than the individual driver will likely pay out any damages through their insurance policies or their own financial reserves. This is because companies are responsible for torts committed by their employees while they are on the job. 

Ride sharing services 

It is common for multiple people to be transported by a ride sharing service as well, as this form of booking rides has started to become more common than buses or taxi cabs. Drivers working for these companies are still held to a certain standard of care when they are on the roads, and they can face consequences for causing an accident and injuring their passengers. 

These companies have high risk ride sharing insurance policies that can cover large losses if necessary, and they also have procedures that accident victims should follow to report an incident. It is imperative for victims to follow these reporting protocols and contact the police to generate an accident report that may become an important piece of evidence. 

When multiple victims seek legal help

Regardless of the number of people involved in an accident, they can each speak with and retain their own lawyer to bring a case on their behalf. It is necessary for all victims to document some basic information about the collision such as where it happened and who was responsible. All of this can be presented during an initial consultation with the lawyer to help determine things like the potential value of the accident and resulting injuries, along with the plaintiff’s chances of success. 

Determining if legal action is necessary

Anyone who has suffered a recent injury during a motor vehicle collision should take some time to see if they should file a lawsuit or take other actions against the company or individual who caused the accident. George Fusner is an experienced accident lawyer who assists clients in the state of Tennessee. 

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