Tragedy As Students Hospitalized in Mississippi School Bus Crash

Bus accidents are tragic enough on their own, but these incidents become even more unsettling when children are involved. School buses seem to crash on a regular basis not only in Mississippi but across the entire nation. It is unclear why these vehicles are involved in so many accidents, although there are a number of factors that may be making them more unsafe than other buses. For parents who are dealing with injured children, their priority is caring for their students — not figuring out the root cause of the issue. This is what many parents in Mississippi are now struggling with after a particularly bad school bus crash in the Magnolia State.

Mayhem as Students Sent to Hospital After School Bus Crash

On November 1st of 2022, it was reported that a major school bus accident had occurred in Starkville. The accident sent numerous hospitals and one monitor to a hospital for treatment after the bus overturned. For whatever reason, the school bus and the adult monitor suffered the worst injuries — or at least that is what the Principal of Starkville High School reported. It may be that his statement was intended to quell the fears of parents rather than reflect the true extent of the situation.

The fact that this accident was a rollover highlights a major issue with school bus safety. It is a well-known fact that there are no seatbelts on school buses. If they do exist, students are not required to wear them. When these buses roll, the students are obviously tossed around inside like ragdolls. So-called experts state that seatbelts are not necessary for school buses, and these individuals often make vague references to the manner in which school buses are designed.

We are told that school buses are somehow “different” compared to normal passenger vehicles, and this is why seatbelts are not required. But does that really make sense? If the school bus mentioned above had seatbelts, would there be so many injured Starkville High School students right now?

Why Are So Many School Buses Crashing?

School buses tend to crash more frequently than many other types of vehicles. But why is that? One possible explanation is the quality of drivers employed by school boards. While it’s true that many bus drivers take their jobs very seriously, there are some who have caused crashes in the past due to serious negligence. It is not unheard of for school bus drivers to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. The truth is that school boards are often hire those who have been rejected from other transport jobs, such as trucking — often due to their poor driving records.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Bus Accident Attorney in Mississippi?

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced bus accident attorney in Mississippi, look no further than Ballard Law, PLLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs in the Magnolia State. We know that it can be devastating to see your children injured in school bus accidents, and we understand the need for justice and accountability. With our assistance, you can sue any negligent parties accountable and receive compensation for your damages. Book your consultation today.


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