Tractor-Trailer Collides into School Bus and Four Other Vehicles in TX After Failing to Stop for Congested Traffic


A school bus in Texas was recently involved in an accident after a tractor-trailer traveling behind the bus failed to stop. The crash occurred in San Antonio on Loop 410 at South W.W. White Road. reported that on Saturday evening, traffic had been at a standstill due to an accident that had occurred up the road, but the tractor-trailer had failed to stop in time. The trucker crashed into four cars before colliding into the school bus that was carrying 10 children.

After hitting the bus, the tractor-trailer rolled over the guardrail of an overpass and fell 20 feet before crashing into the embankment below. Fuel began to leak out of the truck which prompted hazmat crews and investigators to be dispatched to the area to shut it down. After the collision occurred, VIA Transit transported the occupants of the bus, which consisted of 10 students, the bus driver, and three teachers, to a local Walmart where everyone waited inside the store until another bus could come and pick them up.

Thankfully, none of the passengers on the bus sustained any injuries and the driver of the truck reportedly only suffered from a broken arm.

The Conditions of School Buses Have Parents Alarmed


As alarming at this accident might be for some parents to hear, especially if their student rides the school bus, this next story may have you questioning whether it is safe for your child to be traveling by bus.

According to Click 2 Houston, members of the Galveston ISD community are voicing their concerns via social media after seeing the condition of the buses that are being used to transport students on. While some parents admitted that they won’t allow their kids to ride on the buses, others have no choice when their children participate in extracurricular activities that require them to travel by bus on game days. So, what is causing parents to become more concerned with allowing their kids to ride the bus? Apparently, many of the buses being used have visible rust on them that is enough to have you questioning how safe and sturdy the buses truly are. One photo that was taken by a parent showed how deep one of the holes on the bus was that was caused by rust which clearly identifies an issue that could eventually contribute to an accident occurring.

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After community members began voicing their concerns, Galveston ISD issued a statement explaining why these buses were in the condition that they were. The spokesperson stated that the Galveston ISD bus fleet was lost during Hurricane Ike and they had to purchase used buses at a discounted price from Houston ISD. Hopefully, with all the concern that parents have been showing, Galveston ISD will work to improve the quality of their buses so that students’ lives and safety aren’t comprised.


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