Tour Bus Driver Fails to Stop at Four-Way Intersection Causing an Accident that Injured 12 Passengers

Residents and tourists all place their trust in bus drivers when they elect to use that mode of transportation to get to and from destinations. Unfortunately, one tour bus driver in Stockton let his passengers down when he failed to stop at a stop sign. The 69-year-old driver of the bus was heading eastbound on Eight Mile Road traveling at about 55 mph transporting a group of people back from Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort. As he was approaching the intersection at Jack Tone Road, a Chevy Silverado was heading northbound on Jack Tone Road. The Silverado stopped at the intersection, which was a controlled four-way stop, and when it attempted to turn, the tour bus, which failed to stop at the intersection, slammed into the truck.

The bus was carrying 13 passengers at the time of the accident of which 12 had to be taken to nearby hospitals to have their conditions evaluated. Two of the passengers suffered from broken legs and the driver was also transported to the hospital.  It’s always a good idea to go to the hospital after being involved in any type of accident as some injuries don’t appear until later, although signs of damage may still be present only for a doctor to see.

The bus, which was under the operation of Regal Tours, was apparently run by the bus driver out of his home. He had been running the bus company for the last 20 years, although it isn’t clear how many of those years were spent operating it directly from his home. He would take people to and from the casino resort, which was an hour in distance, but had no affiliation with the resort itself.

When Fox40 attempted to make contact with a representative from Regal Tours, some of the numbers went straight to voicemail while others didn’t work.


Can the victim of a bus crash sue the driver if they were at-fault for causing the accident?


Using this incident as an example, the individuals who sustained injuries could very well pursue legal action against the driver and his company. The two individuals who suffered broken legs also stand a good chance at receiving compensation as the driver’s negligent actions is what led to this collision occurring.

Victims of any type of bus accident may have a legitimate case on their hands if they can prove that the accident could have been prevented and was caused by a negligent person or party. In some cases, such as the one described above, a person could be held accountable for the injuries they cause while in other cases a company could be sued if they had a driver operating a defective bus that wasn’t properly serviced.

Because these types of cases can become rather complex as there are many details to consider, it is best to discuss this topic with a Stockton, CA bus crash lawyer. They understand the personal injury laws that would come into effect and how to proceed on in the event a victim was wanting to file a lawsuit in an effort to recover compensation. If you or a loved one was harmed in a bus accident in Stockton and are needing to speak with a lawyer, can connect you with one now.