Tips That Can Help Bus Drivers Stay Alert

If you are a bus driver and often find that you struggle with staying alert while operating your bus, consider implementing the tips we have provided below.


Driving during the early morning hours and in afternoon traffic can be tiresome for those who operate a school bus as these are often the busiest times to be out on the roads. Bus drivers also have to work around noisy children and drive on congested roadways backed up with parents and other drivers going to and from their destination. Dealing with all this can make driving a school bus more difficult which in turn might make a driver more worn out.

City bus employees also spend a great deal of time on the roadway which only contributes to them becoming restless over time. Because bus drivers, in general, are responsible for carrying passengers of all ages, it is important for them to develop a routine that will keep them alert, even when they might be feeling fatigued.


Because bus accident attorneys in Syracuse, NY are aware of the severity of a bus crash and how it can affect a person’s life, below we share tips that are geared toward helping bus drivers remain alert and reduce their chances of becoming involved in an accident.


Bus drivers should:


  • Observe traffic defensively and be on the lookout for what other drivers might do. Just because a bus driver might be adhering to the rules of the roadway doesn’t mean other drivers are.
  • Make a concentrated effort to keep extra space between their bus and the vehicles ahead of them. Bus operators have a greater chance of engaging in an accident when riding too closely to a vehicle in front of them simply because they may not have adequate time to stop if the car in front does so abruptly.
  • Follow a pattern of mirror checks so they are aware of what is going on around the entire bus when they are pulling up to a stop, pulling away, etc.
  • Remind themselves of the responsibility they have when transporting students. This alone serves as a reminder to stay alert as they don’t want anything to happen to those they are transporting.
  • “Drive mindfully, not mindlessly.” Drivers should remain cognizant of the sounds the bus makes and how it feels so that if the bus begins to drive oddly, they can spot this and pull over. Sometimes, school buses and city buses need to be serviced, even if it is in the middle of a trip to school.


[Source: United Educators].


As Alert and Attentive as You Might be, Some Accidents are Harder to Avoid


Because buses are massive in size, they generally cause a great deal of destruction when involved in an accident. The driver, passengers, and others involved in a collision often sustain serious injuries which sometimes require them to seek medical care and therapy, and that can cost a significant amount of money. So, if you or a loved one was injured in a bus accident in Syracuse and you feel you would benefit from compensation as the injuries have caused you a great deal of financial distress, is here to help.

We will help you locate a bus accident lawyer that is closest to you and work to get you paired up so you can schedule an initial consultation where you will be given the opportunity to discuss your matter in depth.