Tips for Driving a School Bus in the Winter Weather


Driving a school bus in Philadelphia during the winter time can be a challenging task. While we generally picture perfectly formed snow flurries falling all around us when we hear the word “winter,” winter can mean many more things. Icy roadways, broken down vehicles, and accidents are all things that can arise in the winter time which is why it is important for those operating a bus to be extra cautious and careful in the manner in which they drive.

So, what are some things bus drivers can do to help make their shift run smoothly while decreasing their chances of causing an accident? Below we offer some tips that can be implemented by bus drivers, and even motorists, that can help prevent a bus accident from occurring during this time of year.


  1. Adjust your speed to the weather conditions around you. If the roads are wet, snow-covered, or icy, be sure you drive at a slower speed than normal to give yourself time to stop in the event you come across one of these hazardous spots on the street. If you come across an icy patch, a bridge or an overpass, try cutting your speed you generally travel at in half as you don’t want to risk having the bus slide.


  1. Get accustomed to the roadway. If the roads are slippery, don’t hit on the brakes abruptly and avoid slamming on the accelerator.


  1. Remember your responsibility. Whether you are en route to pick up children or already have kids traveling on the bus with you, remember, you are responsible for the safety of yourself and Something else to consider is that bus accidents do happen even when we are being extra careful which means you should be aware of how to handle the situation in the event one occurs. Read your employee handbook or review the school districts procedures on what to do in the event the bus is involved in an accident so you can feel more prepared.


  1. Have a clean and clear windshield. Make sure your headlights, windshield wiper blades, and defrosters are all in working condition.


  1. Follow at a safe distance. Leave enough space in between you and the vehicle in front of you so you have ample time to stop.



American Bus offers more tips for driving a snow bus in the winter time so feel free to visit their site to read more.


What happens if I’m involved in a school bus accident in Philadelphia?


After checking to ensure you and the children traveling with you are safe and uninjured, you are going to want to prepare yourself for the next set of events that are going to take place. You can expect that the school you work for along with the district will likely conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. You might want to consider consulting with a Philadelphia bus accident lawyer as well who can inform you on the ways to handle the matter. If you suffered an injury it is important that this is taken into account and that your medical expenses are taken care of if the collision was caused by a negligent driver.


If you would like help in locating a nearby Philadelphia bus accident attorney, contact today.