Three High School Students Struck by Vehicle While Crossing the Street to Board Their School Bus

Parents of children and young adults who ride the school bus should always make it a point to continuously remind their kids of the safety measures they should take when getting on and off a school bus. Although buses are protected by law and drivers must stop for them when they have their red flashing stop signs extended, not always do they acknowledge these laws or follow them. That is why as a parent, it is always a good idea to review with kids some safety tips to implement to avoid an accident from occurring.

In a recent incident, we are reminded of just how dangerous the simple task of crossing the street to board the bus really is, no matter what your child’s age might be.

Just last week, three Durant High School students in Florida attempted to cross the street to board their school bus. The bus driver followed all the procedures required and extended the stop signs so that the students could cross safely. Keep in mind it is against Florida law for any driver to pass a school bus with its stop sign arms extended. Unfortunately, 18-year-old Christian Carlsen failed to adhere to the roadway rules and struck all three of the teens. Two of the students, who were ages 15 and 17, suffered minor injuries and were transported to a local hospital. They were listed as being in stable condition. The third student, who was also 17, complained of a sprained ankle but was taken from the scene by his parents [Source:].

Sadly, this isn’t the only encounter we have seen involving a motorist hitting students who were attempting to board their bus. That is why more effort needs to be made by students, parents, and drivers to help make the roadway safer for everyone.


Tips for Kids to Implement When Riding the School Bus


Students need to exercise a great deal of caution when getting on and off a school bus. Not only do they have to be aware of other drivers, but also the school bus driver as they too make mistakes and cause accidents. Below are a few tips for your children to consider in the event they currently ride the school bus or plan to in the near future.


  1. Always looks both ways before crossing the street. Even if the bus has its stop sign extenders out, that doesn’t always mean the coast is clear. The best way to be sure that the oncoming traffic has stopped is to make eye contact with the drivers so you see one another or wait to be sure the vehicles approaching have come to a complete stop before crossing the street.


  1. Students should never chase after their bus or attempt to get back on once the doors are closed. Once a bus driver closes their door, they generally are more concerned with continuing on their route and getting the other students on board to their destination. They may not see your child attempting to get back on and could easily run them over.


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