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Pittsburgh common carriers/buses enhanced duty of care highlighted in case building

Pennsylvania – October 3, 2022 Common carriers may include interstate bus carriers, city mass transit buses, school buses, trains, airlines, and cruise ships to name a few.  The statute of limitations for legal claims against some of these…

What happens when a driver gets a citation for causing a bus accident in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania – August 27, 2021 Police reported a white sedan, driven by a 17-year-old girl turned into the path of a black Sedan at the intersection on Indiantown and Schoeneck Roads in Ephrata and caused an impact crash into a Cocalico…

How Does Florida’s Comparative Negligence Law Impact Car Accident Settlements?

In many car accident cases, there is usually one party who is liable for causing the accident and the other who is considered the victim. When it is clear that one party is responsible for causing a crash, the victim may be entitled to recover…