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Accidents involving school buses in Pittsburgh may require advice from legal counsel.

Pennsylvania - October 19, 2022 The driver of a school bus was seriously injured when the bus slammed into the steel support pillar of the famous welcome sign at the entrance to Forest Hills on Tuesday. The crash was first reported a little…

Twenty-four people were injured in a California Greyhound bus crash.

California – August 4, 2022 A Greyhound bus driver suffered major injuries and was hospitalized.  Twenty-four passengers suffered mild to moderate injuries, and several were taken to the hospital.  The accident occurred when the bus traveling…

Who can be held responsible after a bus accident in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania – August 5, 2021 The National Highway Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting Systems (FARS) defines a bus as a motor vehicle designed primarily to transport nine, or more persons, including the driver.  The size…