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Bus accident victims and legal action for catastrophic injury recovery in California.

California – September 20, 2021 A 50-year-old man was seriously injured after he fell near a bus stop causing his arm to be crushed under a city bus near Teralta East, according to police reports.  The victim was believed to be under the…

Band’s tour bus accident with a big rig caused catastrophic injury to a San Diego musician. 

California – September 7, 2021 A musician from San Diego suffered serious injuries from a horrific accident involving his band's tour bus and a big rig.  Members of the band suffered minor injuries and were taken to a hospital via ambulance.…

Who can be held responsible after a bus accident in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania – August 5, 2021 The National Highway Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting Systems (FARS) defines a bus as a motor vehicle designed primarily to transport nine, or more persons, including the driver.  The size…