Sheriff’s Deputy in Florida Uses Stun Gun on 70 Year Old Woman

A Manatee County sheriff’s deputy used a stun gun on a black 70-year-old grandmother on December 26th, 2019 in an effort to enter her home. Deputy Jason Riley used his stun gun on Barbara Pinkney after she refused his entry into her home.

Riley was executing a warrant for the arrest of Barbara Pinkney’s grandson who had allegedly violated his probation conditions by keeping a concealed weapon. The grandson had mentioned Pinkney’s address on his probation paperwork.

There Was No Warrant

When Pinkney demanded to see the search warrant, Riley did not have one. However, he wasn’t legally required to have one since Florida law gives officers the legal ability to enter homes on the basis of the arrest warrant as long as they suspect the perpetrator to be inside.

In Pinkley’s case the grandson was not in the house. She stuck her foot to block Riley from entering the premises when he tried forcing his way inside. He responded by taking out his stun gun and using it on her three times. He used it twice in the upper back and once in the left arm.

This was done before he pushed the person putting society at risk on the ground with his knee while another deputy placed handcuffs on her for preventing her community to becoming a safer place.

This Is Not Riley’s First Offence

This is not the first time Deputy Jason Riley has used force on an elderly person. In 2008, the deputy arrested a septuagenarian grandfather named Benjamin Daker who was preventing the arrest of his grandson – another grandchild taking advantage of their grandparents. Daker resisted detention as he was afraid that Riley would damage his pacemaker.

The white frightened 75 year old grandfather wound up in the back seat of the officer’s patrol car with a fractured rib. However, in 2012, Riley was cleared of all charges and was found not guilty of any wrongdoing by a jury.

Understanding Police Misconduct in Florida

Police brutality involves a broad range of improper and sometimes unlawful police activities. These typically arise from the abuse of the power that is vested in them. Most victims need the help of a police brutality personal injury lawyer since these incidents almost always result in pain, suffering, injuries, and even loss of life and liberty.

Citizens are protected from violations and abuse from government and law enforcement officials by state and federal laws. Victims can sue local governments and police officers with the help of police brutality personal injury attorneys. They can win monetary compensation and may be awarded damages as restitution for emotional and physical injuries.

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