Semi-Truck Driver Crashes into School Bus After Riding Too Closely Leaving Two Critically Injured

A tragic school bus accident took place just two days ago resulting in two students having to be flown to Tampa General after sustaining critical injuries. The bus was carrying 39 students on their way to school when a semi-truck hit the back of the bus. The accident occurred at U.S. Highway 27 near Lake Ridge Drive around 7:48 a.m. the school bus had stopped to let students board, yet Orlando trucker Stanley Lockwood, 45, failed to stop in time. As a result, he rear-ended the bus, causing it to fall over on its side. While two students were airlifted as mentioned, two others were transported to a local hospital to receive treatment for their injuries [Source: Orlando Sentinel].


Although two of the students did not suffer from life-threatening injuries, they must have been terrified as they went through such a traumatic experience. The bus driver, as well as the trucker, were said to have also sustained minor injuries, and Lockwood is now facing a careless-driving charge.


As you can imagine, the parents of these students were probably both shocked and worried all at once which is probably why the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office suggested that the parents meet at a Winn-Dixie parking lot on County Road 29, according to the Click Orlando. Being involved in an accident with your child is scary enough, but learning they were injured in a school bus accident with you out of sight is a whole other experience no parent ever wants to have to go through.

Any parent whose child was recently involved in a bus accident in Orlando, FL are urged to contact who can help you locate a truck accident lawyer. Your child will likely need medical care and may even need therapy, and this could become rather costly. To help ensure the negligent driver who caused the accident is held accountable and provides you with the compensation you need, you will want to hire an Orlando truck accident attorney to represent you.


How do you know when you’re riding too closely to another vehicle?


Cleary, this bus accident is a case of a driver riding too closely, an issue we see on our roadways every day. But, what are you considered to be driving too closely? Is there a certain distance you should keep between you and the cars in front of you to avoid engaging in an accident?


The answer is yes.


While it is recommended that you keep at least a distance of 300 feet between you and the vehicle in front of you, Florida Statute §316.0895 states that “The driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard for the speed of such vehicles and the traffic upon, and the condition of, the highway.”

By keeping a safe distance and avoiding engaging in any activity that is considered to be distracting or illegal, you decrease the chance of an accident occurring.