School Bus in New York Goes Through a Guard Rail and Over a Steep Embankment

It was a scary day for those traveling on school bus number 310 in Cattaraus County as the bus apparently went over an embankment, rolled several times, and was left sitting at the edge of the Allegheny Reservoir. According to, the bus driver was traveling on Bone Run Rd. when it ran a stop sign. After that, the bus went straight across the road, through a guardrail and over a steep embankment. Luckily, the bus was only carrying three people at the time, the driver, a four-year-old child, and the bus monitor. Unfortunately, the driver did suffer injuries to the neck, shoulder and face, and the bus monitor was complaining of back pain. Thankfully, the four-year-old who had just been picked up did not suffer any injuries.

The bus driver and the bus monitor were transported to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries and a tow company was called out to remove the bus from the scene of the accident. Although authorities are likely to press traffic charges seeing that the bus driver did run the stop sign, the photos provided by the news source do show what appears to be slippery roadways. Perhaps the weather conditions contributed to the accident becoming as traumatic as it was.


Another School Bus Crashes, This Time in Brooklyn


Around the same time the incident above occurred, yet another bus was involved in a collision in Brooklyn, NY. The bus allegedly slammed into another vehicle which caused it to flip onto its side. The accident occurred at 10th Avenue and Bay Ridge Avenue in Dyker Heights. Eight people suffered injuries as a result of the accident all of which were rushed to Lutheran Medical Center and Maimonides Medical Center. Among the eight people harmed, five were children. While this bus collision is still being investigated, no charges have been filed as of yet.

Although the New York Daily News reported that medics had to rush the injured individuals to the hospital, the City Education Department officials wouldn’t disclose what school the kids attended and a spokesman for the department even stated that no one suffered any injuries.

While some bus accidents result in minor injuries, others leave passengers suffering in the hospital. And these visits to the hospital don’t come cheap. The truth is, many bus accident victims often suffer from serious injuries which require them to seek medical attention for weeks and even months. Who is to pay for these visits? Well, when a person or party is found guilty or even partially responsible for the accident, they are held accountable and are sometimes required to provide compensation to the victims.

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