School Bus Crashes into Dormitory of San Diego Center for Children

School buses, the vehicles many parents rely on to pick up and drop off their children, seem to be getting into more and more accidents all across the U.S. On May 16th, a school bus driver crashed into the San Diego Center for Children located near the 3000 block of Armstrong Street after allegedly losing control of the vehicle. The bus hit the dormitory, leaving a large hole in the side of the building.

The CEO of the center spoke out regarding the accident and stated that “the bus was here waiting for school to be dismissed so they could pick up the kids.” NBC San Diego reported that the driver routinely transports children who are living at the center to area schools. Thankfully, no students were on the bus at the time of the incident nor was anyone present in the dorm room. However, had someone been inside the building, the outcome of this accident would have been much different.

The driver, who has not been identified, was also lucky to not have sustained any injuries, however, he was taken to an area hospital just as a precaution. When contractors responded to the crash, they indicated that eight rooms in the dormitory were unable to be used as a result of the crash. The center reported that they would make the necessary arrangements for those who were staying in those dorms and wait until they were notified if further repairs were needed.

While we are fortunate that no one sustained any serious injuries in this accident, we can’t say the same for the others that have occurred across the nation. Below are some more of the tragic school bus crashes that have occurred so far this year:


  1. Mount Olive, NJ bus crash- A 77-year-old school bus driver in Paramus has been charged with two counts of death by auto in connection with the double-fatal crash that was responsible for killing a student and a teacher. ABC News reported that the bus collided with a dump truck in Mount Olive that resulted in several individuals sustaining injuries and two people dying.


  1. Bus crash near Justin- A school bus driver operating a bus for the Northwest School District crashed and police believe the accident occurred after the right tire of the vehicle left the roadway [Source: Star-Telegram]. The bus was carrying 18 students from Justin Elementary School at the time of the accident and seven of those students suffered injuries.


  1. El Sobrante, CA bus crash- Back at the beginning of the year, a school bus collided with two vehicles in El Sobrante, CA around 11:00 a.m. Two people were left in critical condition and had to be transported to John Muir Medical Center. The bus driver, who happened to be pregnant at the time, was also taken to a hospital along with seven children who sustained minor injuries. The bus was transporting students from a special education school in Contra Costa County [Source: ABC 7 News].


After hearing about the constant bus crashes that continue to occur, we want to help you become aware of what you can do in the event you or your child is ever the unfortunate victim of one of these accidents. While you can take action on your own and hope that your insurance company or the school district will compensate you for your injuries, not always does it work out in your favor.

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