Were you or a loved one recently injured in a bus accident involving a VTA bus? Did your child sustain an injury in a school bus accident in San Jose, CA? If so, it is vital that you seek medical attention as accidents involving these vehicles can sometimes cause victims to suffer from debilitating injuries. While some injuries are easily identified, other don’t reveal themselves until days later which puts you or your child at risk of developing a more serious condition.

Below we have provided you with some local hospitals in San Jose in the event you are seeking immediate medical attention.


Hospitals in San Jose, CA


Good Samaritan Hospital

2425 Samaritan Dr.

San Jose, CA 95124



Regional Medical Center

225 N Jackson Ave

San Jose, CA 95116



Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

751 S Bascom Ave

San Jose, CA 95128



O’Conner Hospital

2105 Forest Ave

San Jose, CA 95128



San Tomas Convalescent Hospital

3580 Payne Ave

San Jose, CA 95117



Kaiser Permanente San Jose Hospital

250 Hospital Pkwy

San Jose, CA 95119



Who can I contact if my accident involved a VTA bus?


Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority is in charge of operating the VTA buses the run in San Jose. The contact information for this agency is provided below for your convenience.


River Oaks Administrative Office

3331 North First Street

San Jose, CA 95134



Contact information for Santa Clara Unified School District


In the event your child was involved in a school bus accident and they attend a school within the Santa Clara Unified School District, you can contact this district to determine how a claim can be filed.


1889 Lawrence Road

Santa Clara, CA 95051



If you are having trouble reaching the right department that can assist you in getting an injury claim filed, don’t hesitate to contact us here at USAttorneys.com. Our bus accident lawyers in San Jose, CA are familiar with bus laws and regulations as well as the departments who are responsible for handling injury claims. They can contact the right people who are expected to handle your claim and even take further action if they fail to comply with your demands.

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