Bus accidents occur for a number of different reasons. Some are caused by the drivers of the bus and others are caused by careless individuals. Regardless of why a bus accident occurs, the fact is, many of the victims suffer from physical pain and mental anguish following the accident. Some accident victims are even diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while others live with chronic pain and discomfort from the injuries they sustained. As an accident victim, it is important that you receive the medical attention you require, the treatment to help mend your condition, and the support to help you cope with the circumstances you have been left to deal with.

The San Antonio, Texas bus accident attorneys featured on USAttorneys.com work with bus accident victims on a continual basis. They can help you find the support you need as well as collect compensation for the damages you have sustained.


If you are looking for resources that provide support to those who were involved in a bus accident in San Antonio, below we provide some for you.


  1. Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services– Those who are suffering from a permanent disability as a result of a bus accident can seek help from the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. Going through life with a disability you recently acquired isn’t easy and many aren’t able to cope with this new life they are now forced to lead. You can contact the department by calling 1-855-937-2372 to become more informed on how they can help you and your family.


  1. Texas Health and Human Services– Sometimes accidents occur and leave you struggling both physically and financially. The costs to care for your injuries aren’t cheap and you may have lost your job as you weren’t able to comply with your employer’s requests after the accident occurred. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services is available to provide residents in San Antonio with food assistance, Medicaid, and other types of assistance if you are financially in need of it and meet criteria to receive it.


  1. Brain Injury Association of America (BIA)- BIA is available to provide individuals who suffered from a brain injury with resources and helpful information. Brain injuries have the ability to impact your life or those who have been injured as a result of the bus accident they were involved in. Knowing how to deal with this injury and what types of treatments are recommended can be beneficial to anyone living with or caring for someone with a brain injury. If you would like more information from BIA, call 1-800-444-6443.


There are many other resources that are available to bus accident victims in San Antonio, TX and our bus crash lawyers would be more than happy to discuss what these resources are with you. You can contact us now to be paired up with a local San Antonio bus accident attorney who can also determine if you are entitled to collect compensation for the injuries you have sustained.