Safety Tips Students Can Implement On and Off the School Bus

It is critical that every student who rides the school bus to school, back home, or during both times of the day are aware of the ways they can keep themselves safe and avoid getting injured in an accident. Kids have the tendency to get distracted by the smallest of things and sometimes these distractions place them in harm’s way. Below we share with you some safety tips you can share with your children to keep them safe when getting on and off the bus as well as during the time they are traveling on the bus.


What safety rules can children implement when entering or exiting the bus?


  1. Children should walk to the bus stop and avoid running. Running could cause them to bump into someone else waiting and that could cause either one of them to fall into the roadway.
  2. Use the sidewalk when walking to the bus stop. If there is no sidewalk, walk facing oncoming traffic.
  3. Have them arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to it leaving. You don’t want them rushing and chasing after their school bus. This puts them at a greater risk of getting hurt.
  4. Remind your children that they should never speak to strangers while waiting at the bus stop.
  5. When the bus arrives to pick up the students or when it stops to drop them off at home, be sure they wait for the red, flashing stop signs to be extended and only cross the street when all traffic has come to a complete stop. Before crossing, make sure they look left, right, and then left again before attempting to cross.
  6. When exiting the bus, be sure kids move away from the bus wheels.
  7. Remind your child to avoid going back to the bus if they left something. Because a bus is such a large vehicle to maneuver, the driver may not see them attempting to come back on.


What safety tips should a child be implementing while riding the bus?


  1. Although school buses are considered to be one of the safer modes of transportation, your child should exercise caution while riding. This means that when they get onto the bus, they should quickly find their seat and sit down.
  2. Children riding the bus should never play near emergency exits.
  3. Remind your kids to refrain from throwing things out of the windows as this could hit another vehicle and cause it to collide with the bus or another car.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA reported that between 2006 to 2015, 1,313 people of all ages were killed in a school-transportation-related crash. That averages to about 131 fatalities per year. Aside from those who didn’t survive, there are plenty of innocent kids who suffer injuries from bus accidents who are now forced to undergo consistent medical treatments and even adapt their life to one that revolves around an injury.

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