Pittsburgh, PA, What legal recourse can a parent take if their child is hit after getting off the school bus?

As a parent of a child who was hit after getting off their school bus in Pittsburgh, you may not know what to do aside from getting your child the medical care he/she needs. Do you file a lawsuit against the school board or the driver who hit them? Do you take your case to civil court or wait to see what your insurer is going to pay to cover their medical bills and other damages? After going through such a traumatic experience that almost cost your child their life, it is understandable if you don’t know the answer to these questions.


But there is someone who does and that is a Pittsburgh, PA bus accident lawyer.


If your child was hit by another driver while getting off the school bus, you may be entitled to take legal recourse in an effort to recover compensation for the various damages he/she suffered. While some parents are able to sue the driver who hit their child, others are able to initiate a case against the school board if it can be proven that the bus driver played some role in causing the accident to transpire. The truth is, it all depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident. To find out who the liable parties are in your child’s case and what their damages might be worth, it is recommended that you contact Scanlon & Wojton to speak with a skilled bus accident attorney in Pittsburgh, PA.


4thGrader Hospitalized in Pittsburgh After Being Hit by Vehicle After Getting Off School Bus


When Natasha Dill arrived at her son Jacob’s bus stop to pick him up, she witnessed her son engage in an accident that nearly took his life [Source: WJAC]. Dill said that it was on a Friday afternoon when he was hit by a runaway car. As Jacob was getting off the school bus, a car that was being towed had broken off the back of the tow truck and ran over him. Dill told the news source that she “couldn’t run quick enough to move him.” She “couldn’t grab him or throw him out of the way.” She described the incident as “very traumatizing.”

While Jacob was fortunate enough to have survived the accident, he did suffer several injuries which required him to spend the weekend at a children’s hospital in Pittsburgh. He was eventually sent home to recover and received several gifts and other supplies from friends and neighbors. The family also received a great deal of support via social media after a picture of Jacob was posted on Facebook.


Identifying the liable party in a bus accident case isn’t always easy to do which is why you should turn to a PA bus accident lawyer for help.


If your son or daughter was injured in an accident while getting off the school bus in Pittsburgh, PA, you are encouraged to contact a school bus accident lawyer who can help you take legal action against the party responsible for the incident. The attorneys at Scanlon & Wojton have a great deal of experience with handling cases stemming from bus incidents and would be more than happy to provide you with the legal assistance you are seeking.


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