Pennsylvania Man Dies After Crashing into the Back of a SEPTA Bus

A tragic accident involving a SEPTA bus left one man dead after his vehicle collided into the back of the bus. reported that 50-year-old Donald Lee Rieck of Newtown Square was rushed to Paoli Hospital after his vehicle struck the back of a route 104 SEPTA bus. The bus was heading west on West Chester Pike near Radnor Drive in Newtown Square when the accident occurred.

The bus had been carrying two passengers both of which remained uninjured. However, the bus driver was taken to a local hospital to be treated for non-life threating injuries. The man who crashed into the back of the bus had to be extricated from his vehicle and was then taken transported to the local hospital. Because of the extensive injuries he sustained. Sadly, he didn’t survive the crash.

Police indicated that the cause of the accident was unknown and the source reported that officers would continue investigating to determine why it transpired. But, there are a few potential reasons why this unfortunate bus accident could have occurred which include:


  1. The driver wasn’t paying attention and failed to acknowledge how close he was traveling to the SEPTA bus.
  2. The bus driver maneuvered into Rieck’s lane, slowed down abruptly, and caused Rieck to crash into the back of it.
  3. The driver was traveling at an increased speed and as a result, crashed into the bus.


How common are bus accidents?


SEPTA buses run throughout various cities within the state of Pennsylvania and an accident involving these vehicles can occur at any given time. The truth is, bus accidents aren’t a rare occurrence. In the latest information provided by the United States Department of Transportation, 69,000 bus accidents were recorded, the highest number of accidents since 1990. And the numbers continue to increase as there are many more careless drivers out engaging in reckless and distracted behavior.


What can you do if you are involved in a bus accident?


If you or a family member was recently involved in an accident with a SEPTA bus in Philadelphia, PA and you would like to learn more about how to file a claim or lawsuit against the bus company, you are going to want to speak with a licensed and skilled bus accident attorney in Philadelphia.

The professionals we can place you in contact with are highly skilled in this particular field of law and understand how to navigate the legal system so that your injuries are compensated for. You also want to consider speaking with a lawyer even if you were partially at-fault for causing the crash as you may still be entitled to collect compensation for things like pain and suffering and even medical bills.


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