Pedestrian Safety Tips for Children and Adults

For years, Florida has been recognized for having a high rate of pedestrian fatalities. In fact, between January and June 2019, there were 368 recorded pedestrian deaths in Florida, making it the state with the highest number of pedestrian fatalities during those six months [Source: Governors Highway Safety Association]. Because pedestrians are more likely to engage in a serious or fatal accident in Florida, they must be sure that when they cross the road, they are walking defensively and are cautious.


How do pedestrians in Miami walk defensively?


The Miami-Dade County website offers some helpful tips that aim to help pedestrians cross the road safely, some of which are shared down below.


Tip #1- Use crosswalks or marked pedestrian paths to cross the road.

Although pedestrians should not assume that using a crosswalk is a sure way to get them across the road safely, drivers are more likely to look out for pedestrians in these designated areas. Therefore, pedestrians must still be cautious when crossing the road and should always use the crosswalks or marked intersections when a crosswalk is not available and Florida law prohibits pedestrians from crossing anywhere else that could put them in the path of danger.


Tip #2- Pedestrians must not “blindly obey crossing signals.”

Crossing signals help pedestrians get across the street safely but shouldn’t be solely relied upon to cross. The reason being is that not all drivers follow the crossing signals which means it may not be safe for a pedestrian to cross even when the crossing signal shows that it is. Essentially, what this means is that pedestrians should obey crossing signals but also be certain it is safe to do so.


Tip #3- Choose a route with sidewalks.

Because it is generally safer for pedestrians to walk where sidewalks are provided, they should choose routes that do have sidewalks available so as long as the area is safe to pass through. Although it can benefit anyone who walks to choose a route with more sidewalks, it especially important for small children to find a safe route with sidewalks if they walk to their bus stop, walk to school, or walk home.


Tip #4- Refrain from wearing headphones.

Pedestrians should avoid wearing headphones as they “block out ambient noise while walking,” which can prevent an individual from hearing when danger might be approaching.


After a Pedestrian Has Been Involved in an Accident in Miami.


If a pedestrian was taking precautionary measures while crossing the road and was involved in an accident in Miami, they may be entitled to compensation from the driver and/or the other parties that were involved. If a pedestrian would like the opportunity to discuss their incident with a Miami, FL personal injury lawyer to find out if they have a case and what it is worth, they can contact Mario Trespalacios P.A. Because pedestrian accidents often result in a victim suffering severe injuries that can be costly to treat, they should have an experienced Miami, FL personal injury lawyer assess their case as soon as possible.


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