Older Georgia Woman Killed in Head-On Bus Accident

Atlanta, GA- A head-on crash between a school bus and a passenger vehicle in Georgia left a woman with fatal injuries earlier this week.

Head-On Bush Crash in Metro Atlanta Area

Police say a 78-year-old woman is dead following a head-on crash with a school bus in Locust Grove. According to CBS 46, the accident occurred Tuesday, October 17, 2017, on Hampton-Locust Grove Road and Wyckliffe Drive around 4:45 p.m., according to 11 News.

Police told 11 Alive that deceased was driving in the southbound lanes on Hampton-Locust Grove Road when she veered into the path of a school carrying four teenaged passengers. Witnesses driving behind the woman told police that the woman drifted to the right and overcorrected to the left into the path of the bus, CBS 46 reports.

Common Injuries in Bus Accidents

Buses are large vehicles and can weigh tons if filled with passengers. When is involved in an accident, the resulting injuries can be severe. Not all bus accidents cause injuries but speed and force will increase the likelihood those involved will be harmed. Below are a few of the most common injuries in Georgia bus crashes:

Whiplash injuries: You can suffer a whiplash injury if your neck is whipped around during a crash.

Broken bones: Most buses do not have seat belts, so victims are often tossed around in a bus. If the collision is forceful, a passenger can be thrown from their seat onto the floor or bench in front of them.

Head injury:  A victim can strike their heads on the window or the seat in front of them and suffer a traumatic head injury.

Cuts and lacerations: Broken glass and metal parts can cause cuts or deep lacerations during a collision.

Do I Need a Bus Accident Attorney?

Bus accident victims face challenges that victims of car accidents don’t, so recovering compensation for a bus crash can be more challenging for the following reasons:

Victims must file a claim against a government agency which means the process and statute of limitations are different than other personal injury claims. For example, if you want to file a claim against the state of Georgia, the statute of limitations 12 months from the date of your accident to notify the state of your injury or loss.

You must identify the liable party or parties. Determining liability is not as straightforward with bus crashes as most traffic crashes. Sometimes the driver is exclusively at fault if they were acting negligently, but some bus accidents are the fault of more than one party. Bus companies and employers might also be liable for a crash if they failed to maintain a bus or did not properly screen a driver.

The filing requirements are different for claims against a government agency. For instance, if you want to file a claim with the City of Atlanta, you need to file your claim within six months, and it must be approved by the city council and mayor.

Georgia Tort Claims Act allows victims to seek compensation if they are harmed by a government employee’s negligence. Below are the governmental entities that can be liable for a bus crash:

Cities in Georgia

Towns in Georgia

Counties in Georgia

The state of Georgia.

Get help with your bus accident claim by locating a bus crash lawyer in Atlanta. They will make sure you meet the necessary filing requirements and keep your claim on track.