NY Pedestrian Hit and Killed by Private School Bus

A horrific bus accident occurred recently in Queens that left one woman dead. The New York Post reported that Elise Hellinger,58, was crossing Kew Gardens Road at the intersection of 82nd road around 6:45 a.m. when she was struck by a private mini-bus being driven by a 24-year-old unidentified bus operator. The driver was making a turn while the woman had already begun crossing the street at the designated pedestrian crosswalk.

As a result of the impact, Hellinger suffered severe head and body trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The bus, which is owned by Logan Bus Co., was carrying five occupants at the time of the accident of which three were students. Neither the passengers or the bus driver suffered any injuries.

As you can imagine, the accident had an impact on everyone involved.  Not only did a family lose someone they love, but the students on board the bus along with residents who witnessed it were likely traumatized by what they saw. One man said he woke up to sirens in front of his home and when he looked out his window, he saw a woman lying on the ground near the right tire of the bus. He said she had laid there for three to four hours before her body was carried away in a body bag.

The Logan Bus Co. issued a statement saying, “Logan Bus is fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation and is devastated by this morning’s incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.” The source reported that police had not made any arrests as of yet as the investigation was ongoing.

Bus Crashes in Brooklyn Leaving 31 Individuals Injured


Another bus accident occurred recently, this time in Brooklyn, that left 31 people injured. According to AM New York, the accident occurred near the corner of Rockaway Avenue and Eastern Parkway just after 12:45 p.m. A FDNY spokesperson said at least 31 people sustained an injury although none were said to be life-threatening. The source highlighted that six of those people were transported to a local hospital though we don’t know if any were children and the cause of the accident was still undetermined.


Should I go to the hospital after being involved in a bus accident in New York, NY?


Whether it was you that was involved in a bus collision or your child, it can never hurt to go get checked out by medical personnel after being involved in an accident. The fact is, although you may only feel a little shaken up, you could have suffered an injury with symptoms that are delayed.  So, rather than be safe than sorry, you and/or your child should consider seeing a doctor following a bus crash.

Now, if you or your child did suffer an injury, whether it was serious or minor, you will also want to consider contacting a New York, NY bus accident attorney. Why? Well, there may be compensation and/or benefits available to you and your child and the NY bus crash lawyers we can place you in touch with will be more than happy to inform you as to what these might be.