New Hampshire Bus Accident Attorneys

Bus accidents account for thousands of injuries each and every year. New Hampshire’s crash fatalities have exceeded the national average in recent years. According to the Centers for Disease Control, New Hampshire crash fatalities cost citizens an estimated $167 million. These numbers don’t account for the cost of serious injury or disability when individuals survive crashes. Bus drivers are expected to operate their vehicles in a safe manner, but sometimes accidents occur that can lead to devastating injuries. Whether a bus driver was the cause, or your accident was due to inclement weather conditions, or roadway construction, if you are harmed due to a bus crash in New Hampshire, it is important you know where to turn in order to obtain the legal aid you may require. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a bus accident in New Hampshire, you may be entitled to seek damages for your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. can connect you with qualified bus crash attorneys in New Hampshire. Bus accident law can sometimes be more complicated than typical personal injury law. If you were injured on a public transportation bus, for example, you may be required to follow certain procedures in order to make a claim. Visit us at to begin your claim process today.

Do I Need a Bus Accident Attorney in New Hampshire?

The New Hampshire government provides public transportation options to residents of the state’s many cities and municipalities. Advance Transit serves Hanover and the Upper Valley. Manchester Transit serves the city of Manchester and also its surrounding areas. Many of these bus systems serve rural areas or connect residents traveling longer distances. While accidents may be rare, when they occur, they can be devastating for victims and their families. Some common injuries that are associated with an Advance Transit bus collision includes:

Unfortunately, many of these conditions are serious and life-threatening. Individuals may not be able to return to work or may struggle to resume normal life activities after suffering some of these injuries. Some buses may not be equipped with certain safety features, such as seat belts, putting passengers at higher risks. In some cases, individuals die on public transit. If a loved one lost their life as a result of a public bus accident, it is extremely important to seek legal aid to help get your bus accident lawsuit filed in a timely manner.

Because many public transportation systems are run by the government, it is important to consider how sovereign immunity might play a role in your claim. According to Cornell Law, the principle of sovereign immunity protects the government from legal action. The government cannot be sued unless the government consents to a lawsuit. New Hampshire is a state that invokes its right to sovereign immunity. Individuals may have as little as 180 days to make their intention to pursue a lawsuit clear. Individuals making a claim against the state generally have to seek compensation from the state’s insurers. While insurance adjusters are required to deal fairly with individuals who have been hurt, adjusters may also want to save their company’s money. It is important to have a qualified bus accident lawyer on your side who can walk you through the legal process of making a claim against New Hampshire. can connect you with a bus accident lawyer familiar with sovereign immunity claims. Our website has a database of qualified attorneys who are skilled with speaking with insurance adjusters. Learn more today and protect your rights.


How Can a New Hampshire Bus Accident Lawyer Help You?


A bus crash legal representative is not only familiar with the laws pertaining to personal injuries, and the process you may be required to follow in order to seek the compensation you may be entitled to receive, but is also well-versed in the field of vehicular accidents and will be more than trained to go up against the negligent party or even the government entity that is responsible for operating the bus. Bus drivers are also subject to additional laws and regulations. For example, bus drivers in New Hampshire are required to hold commercial driver’s licenses, according to the New Hampshire Department of Safety. Commercial drivers are required to pass special skills tests, knowledge tests, and medical exams. Drivers may also be subject to federal hours of service laws. When a bus accident takes place, you want a lawyer who will take the time to investigate all aspects of your claim. A qualified bus accident lawyer can look at your driver’s record, log books, and other factors to determine negligence. Many stakeholders may be involved in a bus accident, especially a charter or private bus accident. These stakeholders may include the bus drivers, the companies that own the bus, and insurers.

There are instances where insurance companies may not want to pay out what you believe you are entitled to receive, and may fail to acknowledge the pain and suffering that has been imposed on you and your family members. This where a New Hampshire bus collision lawyer comes into the picture. Not only can a bus accident attorney get your claim filed within the given time frame that has been set forth, but ensure all the proof and documentation required is presented and submitted. Visit to get connected with a qualified attorney today.


Hiring a Bus Accident Law Firm Within the State of New Hampshire


Whether a bus accident has recently left you physically impaired or mentally distraught, it is important that you get a bus accident law firm working by your side as soon as possible. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your lost wages, medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering. A lawyer can also help you seek justice if another person or party’s negligence or irresponsible actions resulted in a crash. Give a call today and speak with one of our agents who can listen to your concerns and help get you paired with a knowledgeable bus accident lawyer within the state of New Hampshire.