Nashville Bus Accident Attorneys Highlight Two Recent Accidents that Transpired Involving MTA Buses

A Metropolitan Transit Authority bus (MTA) was recently involved in an accident with another vehicle in downtown Nashville. According to, the bus collided with another car on Hermitage Avenue near Middleton Street. While the bus did sustain some front-end damage, not one of the seven passengers aboard were said to have suffered any injuries. The occupants of the other two vehicles were reportedly uninjured as well. The source did highlight that one pregnant passenger who had been involved in the accident wanted to be checked out, though she may have taken her own form of transportation to do so as EMT’s did not transport her.


Authorities are investigating the MTA bus accident as it is the second one that had occurred within the same week. WSMV reported on the first crash and we have highlighted some details from it for you below.


Metro Nashville was called to the scene of an MTA bus accident that involved another vehicle. Unlike the accident discussed above, there were nine people who suffered injuries from the wreck. The crash occurred around 8:30 a.m. at the intersection of Rosa L. Parks Avenue and Union Street. Seven of the passengers who were riding on the bus at the time suffered an injury. The bus driver along with the driver of the other vehicle was also harmed in the collision and six of those people were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The source indicated that their injuries were non-life-threatening.

Aside from crashing into a vehicle, the MTA bus also hit a sign that sits outside of the Lofts at the Reserve apartment building. Luckily, the bus did not damage any other part of the property which could have resulted in more victims.

Seeing that two MTA bus accidents occurred within such a short timeframe from other another, you can bet an internal investigation will be conducted to determine if any parties were negligent while operating the buses. Because bus companies along with their drivers carry a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders and have the duty to drive with safety in mind, investigations are conducted to ensure that the company is following regulations and protocols and isn’t the cause of all the accidents that transpire.

While bus accidents do occur for a number of different reasons, the drivers shouldn’t always be at fault as this could indicate the company is hiring operators who are inexperienced, negligent, or aren’t permitted to be driving a bus carrying passengers.


Tips for Those Who are Involved in an Accident with a Bus


Being involved in an accident with an MTA bus in Nashville can be a scary and traumatic experience that might leave you shaken up and unable to think clearly. That is why we are sharing some tips with you below on some of the steps you want to consider following if you are ever involved in a collision with one of these buses.


According to the Tennessean, TN law requires that you:

  1. Stop immediately after an accident has occurred.
  2. Provide aid to anyone who has sustained an injury.
  3. Notify the police of the accident by calling 911.


You might also want to consult with a Nashville bus crash attorney as they can assess the damage done and determine if you are entitled to file a claim in an effort to recover compensation for this damage.