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Missouri Bus Accident Attorneys

Are you the victim of a recent Metro Bus crash in the city of St. Louis and the state of Missouri? According to Metro Bus, St. Louis’s public transportation service faced budget shortfalls in the 2000s. The Metro Bus system is funded through taxpayer money and is run by the government. This can create unique challenges for individuals who have been injured while riding on Missouri’s public transportation system. Under the principle of sovereign immunity, the government cannot be sued without its consent. This can make personal injury claims against Metro Bus and other Missouri bus services more complex for those who have suffered serious injuries or losses.

Was a family member seriously injured as a pedestrian who was struck by a bus? Were you or a loved one injured in a slip and fall accident on a public bus in Missouri? If so, we want you to be aware of the actions that can be taken in order to help you seek justice. If you were hurt in a bus accident, you and your family may be facing high medical costs, financial strain due to missed time at work, and pain and suffering due to disability or lifestyle changes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Missouri residents lost an estimated $981 million in medical costs and lost productivity due to crash deaths. These numbers don’t begin to account for the number of people who survive following an accident. You and your family may be entitled to receive money to cover your losses. After a bus accident occurs, insurance companies will play a role when it comes time to determine who is at fault, who is liable, and which companies are going to be responsible for covering the costs of medical expenses. Insurance adjusters have a responsibility to save their companies money. While they are required to honor their obligations to you and to those who are insured, they may use special formulas or estimates to offer you a lower settlement than you may deserve. A bus accident lawyer in Missouri can review your case and speak to adjusters to help you get a fair recovery under the law.

A bus accident injury victim is also entitled to compensation for the loss of wages, and the pain and suffering that has been caused by an accident. When you are required to go up against the government entity responsible for the Missouri Metro Bus system, or any other public bus that may have caused the crash, it is often difficult to get your claim filed as the process may differ. With so many moving parts, it is important to speak to a qualified bus accident attorney in Missouri. can connect you with a qualified bus accident lawyer today.


Do You Need Assistance with Filing a Bus Accident Lawsuit in Missouri?

The process of making a legal claim against the government varies from state to state. Missouri doesn’t waive its claim to sovereign immunity. This means that the Missouri government must give a private citizen permission to sue. However, under Missouri law, sovereign immunity is waived under specific circumstances. One of these circumstances is when a public employee engages in negligent driving or when the government bus system is not properly maintained and this results in a patron’s injuries. The municipalities may also be required to hold insurance policies to protect individuals and citizens in the event of an accident. You may be entitled to make a claim on this insurance under the law. The state also limits the amount of money an individual may recover in an injury on a public or government-run bus.

The fact is, bus accidents can significantly impact a person’s life. Whether you have been injured on a public bus system or while riding on a private or charter bus, you may experience real loss as a result of a crash. Some of the major injuries that individuals suffer from include:

The list above is certainly not comprehensive. Individuals may suffer from a range of ailments or disabilities after a bus crash. If you have been hurt due to the negligent actions of a bus driver, you may be entitled to receive compensation under the law. The key is finding the right bus crash lawyer who is capable of taking on your case. While you want a well-versed attorney who is familiar with bus accident law, you also want a compassionate individual working on your side.

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Bus Accident Law in Missouri May Differ From Car Accident Law

In addition to the complexities of a sovereign immunity claim, bus accident law is subject to different regulations than other types of vehicle accidents. For example, commercial bus drivers in Missouri are required to hold commercial driver’s licenses. According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, bus drivers must pass skills’ tests, medical requirements, and also demonstrate an understanding of the law. Commercial bus drivers and government bus drivers may be subject to federal hours of service requirements which limit how long they can work. Finally, commercial drivers may be subject to additional vetting procedures by their employers. When these requirements aren’t met or when this vetting doesn’t occur, accidents can occur. If you’ve been in a bus accident in Missouri, it is important to find a lawyer who understands commercial vehicle laws and who can help you file a claim using these regulations.

Trying to piece together your life after an accident is challenging. Don’t think you have to go through this process on your own. There are numerous bus crash lawyers nearby to you in Missouri who are readily available to assist with your claim or lawsuit. can help you get connected with a qualified lawyer near you. Simply give us a call today or fill out our convenient contact information form and one of our agents will reach out to you shortly.